20+ Slang for Falling Down (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Falling down Mean?

Falling down refers to the act of losing one’s balance and collapsing to the ground, either accidentally or intentionally.

Slang For Falling Down

Slang Words for Falling Down

  1. Tumble – Quick descent to the ground.
  2. Faceplant – Landing face-first on the ground.
  3. Bite it – Fall down abruptly.
  4. Wipeout – Falling while moving fast.
  5. Crash – Collapsing unexpectedly.
  6. Nosedive – Plummeting face-first.
  7. Deck – To fall flat down.
  8. Bail – Falling off purposefully.
  9. Flop – Falling down limply.
  10. Eat dirt – Fall onto the ground.
  11. Keel over – Fall over sideways.
  12. Plunge – Falling steeply downwards.
  13. Slam – Falling down hard.
  14. Tank – Falling down heavily.
  15. Collapse – Falling due to weakness.
  16. Dive – Falling intentionally.
  17. Drop – Quick descent to the floor.
  18. Stumble – Tripping and falling.
  19. Pitch – Fall forward suddenly.
  20. Capsize – Tipping over and falling.

Use of Falling down Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She took a tumble while hiking.
  2. He managed to faceplant on the mat.
  3. Don’t bite it on the stairs!
  4. He had a massive wipeout on the slope.
  5. The structure will crash if not fixed.
  6. The drone took a nosedive.
  7. I saw her deck in the hallway.
  8. Sometimes you have to bail to avoid injury.
  9. He did a complete flop on stage.
  10. Be careful, or you’ll eat dirt.
  11. The tree will keel over soon.
  12. The stock prices took a plunge.
  13. She managed to slam into the water.
  14. I watched him tank during the game.
  15. The old building might collapse.
  16. He decided to dive into the pool.
  17. The book will drop if not held tightly.
  18. She began to stumble in her high heels.
  19. He took a sudden pitch forward.
  20. The boat may capsize in this storm.

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