20+ Slang for Opium (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Opium Mean?

A narcotic drug obtained from the seed capsules of the opium poppy is used medicinally and illicitly.

Slang For Opium

Slang Words for Opium

Here is the list of slang words for Opium with meanings:

  1. Dream Dust – A powdered form of opium.
  2. Midnight Oil – Opium is used to induce sleep.
  3. Chasing the Dragon – Smoking opium with foil.
  4. Poppies – Raw or unprocessed opium gum.
  5. God’s Medicine – Opium is considered a divine remedy.
  6. Hop – Traditional term for opium.
  7. Black Smoke – Opium that’s thick and pungent.
  8. Eastern Candy – Sweetened or flavored opium.
  9. Lullaby – Opium is known for its sedative effect.
  10. Dope – General term for drugs, including opium.
  11. Dragon’s Tears – Liquified form of opium.
  12. Sleepy Dust – Opium is known for drowsy effects.
  13. Moon Pie – Opium mixed with other substances.
  14. Quiet Sauce – Opium in a liquid form.
  15. Drowsy Potion – Another term for liquid opium.
  16. Nightcap – Opium taken before bed.
  17. Silent Whisper – Smokable form of opium.
  18. Hush Grass – Dried and shredded opium.
  19. Dreamer’s Delight – High-quality opium.
  20. Cloud Nine – Euphoric opium variant.

Use of Opium Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Opium:

  1. He sold some Dream Dust on the corner.
  2. She uses Midnight Oil to sleep better.
  3. They were caught Chasing the Dragon in the alley.
  4. The dealer offered a bag of Poppies.
  5. Many once considered it God’s Medicine.
  6. Old literature often references Hop.
  7. The room was filled with Black Smoke.
  8. Have you ever tried Eastern Candy?
  9. His preferred choice was the Lullaby.
  10. Kids are warned against Dope in schools.
  11. The vial contained Dragon’s Tears.
  12. She sprinkled some Sleepy Dust into the pipe.
  13. They experimented with a Moon Pie.
  14. She hid the Quiet Sauce in her purse.
  15. He offered a flask of Drowsy Potion.
  16. She took a Nightcap before going to bed.
  17. The scent of Silent Whisper filled the room.
  18. There’s a pouch of Hush Grass in his drawer.
  19. The elite often seek Dreamer’s Delight.
  20. He said it felt like being on Cloud Nine.

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