20+ Slang for Death/Die (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Die Mean?

The word “die” primarily means to cease living or to expire, often used in the context of biological life. The term originates from Old English “dīegan,” related to the Germanic word “sterben” and the Old Norse word “deyja.”

Slang For Die

Slang Words for Die

  1. Kick the Bucket: Cease to live
  2. Bite the Dust: Fall dead
  3. Cash in One’s Chips: End life
  4. Croak: Pass away
  5. Snuff It: Cease living
  6. Flatline: Heart stops
  7. Buy the Farm: Die, usually suddenly
  8. Check Out: Depart life
  9. Give Up the Ghost: Die, expire
  10. Meet One’s Maker: Encounter death
  11. Pass On: Die peacefully
  12. Take a Dirt Nap: Die, often violently
  13. Belly Up: Die or fail
  14. Go to Glory: Die, often peacefully
  15. Six Feet Under: Buried, dead
  16. Pushing Daisies: Buried, dead
  17. Bought It: Died, often suddenly
  18. Go the Way of All Flesh: Die, usually natural
  19. Ride the Pale Horse: Face death
  20. Curtains: The end, death

Slangs for Death:

  1. Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil
  2. Take the Last Bow
  3. Hit the Final Note
  4. Exit Stage Left
  5. Hang Up One’s Boots
  6. Call It a Night
  7. Turn Off the Lights
  8. Catch the Last Train
  9. Pull the Final Curtain
  10. Drop the Mic

Slangs for Dead:

  1. Chilling with the Worms
  2. Sleeping with the Fishes
  3. Off the Radar
  4. On the Other Side
  5. Clocked Out for Good
  6. Playing the Harp
  7. Lights Out
  8. Out of the Game
  9. Took the Eternal Nap
  10. Muted Forever

Use of Death Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He surprisingly kicked the bucket last night.
  2. Many soldiers bit the dust in battle.
  3. She suddenly cashed in her chips yesterday.
  4. The old frog just croaked in the pond.
  5. The villain in the film snuffed it early.
  6. The patient suddenly flatlined during surgery.
  7. During the flight, he bought the farm unexpectedly.
  8. Grandpa quietly checked out in his sleep.
  9. The ancient computer finally gave up the ghost.
  10. He was ready to meet his maker peacefully.
  11. My kind auntie passed on last winter.
  12. In the fight, he nearly took a dirt nap.
  13. The fish went belly up in the aquarium.
  14. She believed she’d go to glory someday.
  15. Legends say pirates are six feet under here.
  16. The old gangster’s now pushing daisies upstate.
  17. In the crash, two pilots bought it instantly.
  18. All creatures eventually go the way of all flesh.
  19. Facing illness, he feels he’s riding the pale horse.
  20. When the final scene played, it was curtains.

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