20+ Slang for Excited (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Excited Mean?

Excited refers to a state of heightened enthusiasm or eagerness. It often implies a strong emotional response, usually of joy or anticipation.

Slang For Excited

Slang Words for Excited

  1. Pumped: Very enthusiastic, ready to go
  2. Stoked: Extremely eager and enthusiastic
  3. Amped: Energized, eager for an activity
  4. Buzzing: Filled with high-spirited delight
  5. Jazzed: Thrilled, really excited
  6. Hyped: Overly excited, possibly due to anticipation
  7. Giddy: Light-headed with excitement
  8. Fired Up: Ready and enthusiastic
  9. Thrilled: Extremely happy and excited
  10. Psyched: Eagerly anticipating something
  11. Over the Moon: Exceptionally happy
  12. Eager Beaver: Overly enthusiastic and ready to go
  13. Geeked: Overjoyed and full of anticipation
  14. Raring: Extremely eager to proceed
  15. Lit: So excited it’s glowing
  16. Zesty: Full of energy and enthusiasm
  17. Turnt: Extremely excited or hyped
  18. Peppy: Full of energy and enthusiasm
  19. Revved: Energized, ready to go
  20. Wired: Alert and excited

Use of Excited Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She’s so pumped for the concert tonight.
  2. I’m totally stoked for the surf competition.
  3. The crowd was amped for the main event.
  4. He’s buzzing after winning the lottery.
  5. She got jazzed about the new project.
  6. They’re hyped about the movie premiere.
  7. She felt giddy after receiving the news.
  8. He’s fired up for the big game.
  9. She was thrilled about her promotion.
  10. He’s psyched for his first skydiving jump.
  11. I was over the moon about the engagement.
  12. Tim’s an eager beaver for community service.
  13. Sarah is geeked about her new comic book.
  14. The team is raring to win this year.
  15. The party last night was absolutely lit.
  16. The players are zesty before the match.
  17. The fans are turnt at the music festival.
  18. She’s so peppy in the mornings.
  19. He’s revved for the road trip.
  20. They’re wired after drinking too much coffee.

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