20+ Slang for Expensive (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Expensive Mean?

Costing a lot of money. High in price relative to other similar items or services.

Slang For Expensive

Slang Words for Expensive

  1. Pricey: High-cost, not cheap.
  2. Steep: Exorbitantly costly.
  3. Over-the-top: Excessive in cost.
  4. Sky-high: Extremely high-priced.
  5. Ritzy: Luxurious and costly.
  6. Posh: Upscale and high-priced.
  7. Swanky: Fashionably expensive.
  8. Bougie: Pretentiously costly.
  9. Lavish: Excessive in price.
  10. Outrageous: Shockingly costly.
  11. Plush: Expensive and luxurious.
  12. Deluxe: Premium, high-priced.
  13. Gucci: Extremely fashionable and costly.
  14. Spendy: Inclined to cost a lot.
  15. Gilt-edged: Highest quality, thus expensive.
  16. Exorbitant: Exceedingly high in cost.
  17. Astronomical: Immensely high-priced.
  18. Hefty: Large and costly.
  19. King’s ransom: Extremely costly.
  20. Top-dollar: Highest possible price.

Use of Expensive Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That jacket is really pricey for cotton.
  2. The concert tickets are steep this year.
  3. Their wedding was totally over-the-top.
  4. Real estate prices are sky-high here.
  5. That hotel was definitely ritzy.
  6. She lives in a posh neighborhood.
  7. The restaurant is quite swanky.
  8. Her taste in shoes is bougie.
  9. The vacation was a lavish affair.
  10. Those fees are outrageous.
  11. The sofa was plush and costly.
  12. We stayed in a deluxe suite.
  13. Her purse is Gucci, super expensive.
  14. Eating out every night is spendy.
  15. That’s a gilt-edged investment opportunity.
  16. The artist’s commission was exorbitant.
  17. The car’s price was astronomical.
  18. Paying that fine is a hefty burden.
  19. The painting cost a king’s ransom.
  20. He always pays top-dollar for vintage.

Slang Words for Expensive Taste

  1. Boujee: Upper-class preferences.
  2. Posh: Likes luxurious things.
  3. High-roller: Big spender, luxury lover.
  4. Swankster: Enjoys swanky, upscale items.
  5. Glamazon: Loves glamorous, pricy stuff.
  6. Ritzy: Fond of ritzy, glamorous things.
  7. Gucci: Affinity for high-end brands.
  8. OpulentEye: Drawn to opulence.
  9. Plushy: Likes plush, luxurious items.
  10. LuxeLife: Prefers a luxurious lifestyle.
  11. Flossy: Showy, with taste for luxury.
  12. Goldie: Prefers golden, high-end stuff.
  13. Champers: Enjoys champagne-level things.
  14. Gilded: Loves gilded, ornate items.
  15. Vogueish: Always in style, but costly.
  16. Primo: Prefers top-shelf, quality stuff.
  17. A-list: Only wants top-tier items.
  18. Jetsetter: Prefers international luxury.
  19. Ballin’: Spending big, living large.
  20. Haute: Into high fashion and art.

Use of Expensive Taste Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Her Boujee lifestyle is hard to maintain.
  2. That Posh car isn’t exactly budget-friendly.
  3. She’s a High-roller, always at VIP events.
  4. He’s a Swankster, only staying in 5-star hotels.
  5. Her Glamazon choices never go unnoticed.
  6. They have a Ritzy taste in interior design.
  7. Their wardrobe is definitely Gucci level.
  8. She has an OpulentEye for rare jewels.
  9. Those Plushy pillows are pure silk.
  10. He’s living the LuxeLife with that yacht.
  11. Her Flossy attire caught everyone’s eye.
  12. She’s a Goldie, only wearing high-end jewelry.
  13. He always opts for Champers over beer.
  14. Her Gilded decor is out of a magazine.
  15. That Vogueish bag must have cost a fortune.
  16. He buys Primo tech gadgets only.
  17. She’s an A-list shopper with exclusive access.
  18. They are Jetsetters, always shopping globally.
  19. They’re Ballin’ with first-class plane tickets.
  20. She has Haute taste, only buying designer.

Expensive Car:

  1. Whip
  2. Ride
  3. Wheels
  4. Hot rod
  5. Beast
  6. Machine
  7. Roadster
  8. Bimmer (specific to BMW)
  9. Benz (specific to Mercedes)
  10. Lambo (specific to Lamborghini)

Expensive Cigar:

  1. Stogie
  2. Stick
  3. Gar
  4. Premium
  5. Cuban (referring to the often pricey Cuban cigars)
  6. Puro (Spanish term often referring to a high-quality cigar)
  7. Smoke
  8. Churchill (a specific long size, often associated with luxury)
  9. Robusto (another specific size, but sometimes used more broadly)
  10. Hand-rolled (often referring to higher quality)

Expensive Watch:

  1. Timepiece
  2. Wrist candy
  3. Bling
  4. Tick-tocker
  5. Chrono (short for chronograph)
  6. Rolex (used generically sometimes for a luxury watch, even if it isn’t a Rolex)
  7. Patek (referring to the luxury brand Patek Philippe)
  8. Piece
  9. Tourbillon (a specific high-end mechanism, sometimes used to mean a fancy watch)
  10. Bezel (refers to the outer ring, but sometimes used broadly)

Expensive Clothes:

  1. Threads
  2. Drip
  3. Fit
  4. Designer
  5. Haute couture
  6. Swag
  7. Fresh fit
  8. Gear
  9. Ensemble
  10. High-end

Expensive Wine:

  1. Vino
  2. Bottle
  3. Juice
  4. Nectar
  5. Grand cru
  6. Reserve
  7. Vintage
  8. Plonk
  9. Elixir
  10. Liquid gold

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