20+ Slang for Dealer (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Dealer Mean?

The term “dealer” generally refers to a person or entity that buys and sells goods or services. The word originates from the Old English “dǣlan,” meaning “to divide” or “to share.”

Slang For Dealer

Slang Words for Dealer

  1. Pusher: Drug seller.
  2. Hookup: Reliable supplier.
  3. Peddler: Small-time seller.
  4. Dope Man: Narcotics dealer.
  5. Plug: Direct supplier.
  6. Hustler: Street-level dealer.
  7. Shot Caller: High-level dealer.
  8. Candyman: Prescription meds dealer.
  9. Street Pharmacist: Ironic term for drug dealer.
  10. Cartel: Organized drug syndicate.
  11. Narco: Narcotics trafficker.
  12. Connect: Trusted supplier.
  13. Middleman: Broker between buyer/seller.
  14. Junkman: Sells various items.
  15. Vendor: Official or legal dealer.
  16. Flipper: Resells purchased items.
  17. Supplier: Provides goods in bulk.
  18. Merchant: Traditional term for seller.
  19. Distributor: Supplies retailers.
  20. Smuggler: Illicit goods dealer.

Use of Dealer Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The undercover cop arrested the pusher downtown.
  2. Sarah is my hookup for vintage records.
  3. The local peddler sells handmade crafts.
  4. She bought from a dope man near the alley.
  5. He’s the plug for all things tech.
  6. Street artists often start as hustlers.
  7. The shot caller was finally caught by the police.
  8. The candyman got caught at the pharmacy.
  9. Ironically, they called him the street pharmacist.
  10. He’s rumored to be part of a cartel.
  11. The narco was extradited to the United States.
  12. Mike is my connect for auto parts.
  13. I’ll act as the middleman for the deal.
  14. The junkman had some interesting antiques.
  15. She’s a vendor at the farmers’ market.
  16. The flipper sold the painting for a profit.
  17. We found a new supplier for our cafe.
  18. He’s a merchant specializing in rare books.
  19. She’s the main distributor for the skincare line.
  20. The smuggler was caught at the border crossing.

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