20+ Slang for Lazy Person (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Lazy person Mean?

A “lazy person” is someone who habitually avoids or resists exerting physical or mental effort, often preferring inactivity or procrastination over productive tasks and responsibilities. They may lack motivation or willingness to engage in tasks that require energy and initiative.

Slang For Lazy Person

Slang Words for Lazy person

Here is the list of slang words for Lazy person  with meanings:

  1. Couch potato: Someone who watches TV a lot.
  2. Slug: A person who moves very slowly.
  3. Sloth: An individual showing little activity.
  4. Layabout: Someone who does very little.
  5. Slacker: One who avoids responsibilities.
  6. Lump: A person who sits still, doing nothing.
  7. Do-nothing: One who achieves very little.
  8. Deadbeat: A person who avoids obligations.
  9. Loafer: Someone who spends time idly.
  10. Bum: A person without ambition or purpose.
  11. Goldbricker: One who pretends to work.
  12. Dawdler: A person who wastes time.
  13. Laggard: One who lags behind others.
  14. Idler: Someone who is inactive.
  15. Dilly-dallier: One who wastes time indecisively.
  16. Drag-ass: A person moving extremely slow.
  17. Goof-off: One who avoids serious tasks.
  18. Shirker: Someone who evades duty.
  19. Procrastinator: One who delays tasks.
  20. Moocher: A person who relies on others.

Use of Lazy person Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Lazy person :

  1. He’s such a couch potato on weekends.
  2. Don’t be such a slug; move faster!
  3. She’s acting like a sloth today.
  4. Mark is always a layabout during vacations.
  5. Lisa is a slacker when it comes to assignments.
  6. Stop being a lump; let’s go outside!
  7. He’s known as the office do-nothing.
  8. Don’t be a deadbeat; pay your bills.
  9. Tim’s a loafer, always hanging around.
  10. He’s turned into such a bum lately.
  11. Stop goldbricking and do your job!
  12. She’s always been a dawdler; always late.
  13. As a laggard, he always misses the bus.
  14. The park bench is a favorite spot for the idler.
  15. She’s a dilly-dallier, never making up her mind.
  16. Why are you drag-assing around today?
  17. He tends to goof-off during work hours.
  18. No shirkers allowed in this team.
  19. As a procrastinator, he always waits until the last minute.
  20. He’s a moocher, always borrowing money.

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