20+ Slang for Dynamite (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Dynamite Mean?

A powerful explosive used in blasting. Contains nitroglycerin and an adsorbent filler.

Slang For Dynamite

Slang Words for Dynamite

  1. Bomb: Something extremely impressive or cool.
  2. Lit: Highly exciting or lively.
  3. Fire: Very good or top quality.
  4. Da bomb: The best, highly impressive.
  5. On fleek: Perfectly executed or stylish.
  6. Bangin’: Exceptionally good or attractive.
  7. Dope: Cool or excellent.
  8. Off the chain: Extremely good, unbeatable.
  9. Poppin’: Attractive or outstanding.
  10. Smash hit: Highly popular or successful.
  11. Wicked: Awesome or impressive.
  12. Rad: Extremely excellent or cool.
  13. Sick: Remarkably great or impressive.
  14. Stellar: Outstanding or superb.
  15. Ace: Top-notch or high quality.
  16. Epic: Grand, impressive, or awesome.
  17. Tight: Well-done or perfectly put together.
  18. Prime: Of the best possible quality.
  19. Crackalackin’: Full of energy, happening.
  20. Lush: Rich, luxurious, or impressive.

 Use of Dynamite Slang in Example Sentences

  1. That new show is absolutely bomb this season.
  2. The concert last night was so lit and energetic.
  3. I think her new outfit is just fire and trendy.
  4. The pizza from that place is da bomb for sure.
  5. Those shoes you got are right on fleek with current fashion.
  6. That new track of hers is totally bangin’ and catchy.
  7. I think his new skateboard is pretty dope.
  8. The cake from that bakery is off the chain
  9. The venue on Friday night is always poppin’ with energy.
  10. I believe her new book will be a smash hit.
  11. The visuals for that game are so wicked
  12. That dive he took was absolutely rad.
  13. His guitar solo in that song is sick.
  14. The view from that mountain is simply stellar.
  15. The way he managed the team was ace
  16. That story she told was truly epic.
  17. The fit of that suit is just tight.
  18. The steak from that restaurant is prime
  19. The energy in this place is always crackalackin’.
  20. The fabric of that gown feels so lush against the skin.

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