20+ Slang for Eggs (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Eggs Mean?

Eggs are oval-shaped, protein-rich food items laid by females of various animal species, most commonly chickens. They are used in cooking and baking, either whole or separated into yolk and white.

Slang For Eggs

Slang Words for Eggs

  1. Cackleberries: Chicken eggs for breakfast.
  2. Henfruit: Another term for chicken eggs.
  3. Googies: Aussie term for eggs.
  4. Cluckers: Eggs, usually for frying.
  5. Ovum-gold: High-quality eggs.
  6. Eggheads: Hard-boiled eggs.
  7. Shellers: Eggs with hard shells.
  8. Yolkies: Eggs with runny yolks.
  9. Breakie orbs: Eggs for breakfast.
  10. Oeufy: French-inspired slang for eggs.
  11. Chickpeas: Eggs from young hens.
  12. Eggos: Casual term for eggs.
  13. Sunshines: Eggs with sunny-side up.
  14. Rancheros: Spicy, Mexican-style eggs.
  15. Birdies: Eggs in casual language.
  16. Farm-gems: Farm-fresh eggs.
  17. Cloudies: Eggs with fluffy whites.
  18. Albumenites: Eggs for whites only.
  19. Nesties: Nest-laid eggs.
  20. Soldiers: Eggs for dipping toast.

Use of Eggs Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Add some Cackleberries to your omelette.
  2. These Henfruit are organic and fresh.
  3. She ordered Googies on toast.
  4. He likes his Cluckers scrambled.
  5. These are some fine Ovum-gold right here.
  6. I’m making deviled Eggheads for the picnic.
  7. Those Shellers are hard to crack.
  8. I love Yolkies with runny centers.
  9. We had Breakie orbs this morning.
  10. He prefers Oeufy in his salad.
  11. Cooking with Chickpeas is delightful.
  12. Got any Eggos for the pancake mix?
  13. She loves Sunshines in the morning.
  14. Let’s make some Rancheros for brunch.
  15. I’ll have two Birdies, please.
  16. These Farm-gems taste amazing.
  17. We made Cloudies for breakfast.
  18. I need some Albumenites for the cake.
  19. The Nesties are the freshest.
  20. Use Soldiers to dip into yolks.

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