20+ Slang for Not Working (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Not Working Mean?

“Not working” indicates a state where something, such as a device, system, or plan, is currently inactive, malfunctioning, or not operational as intended. It conveys the idea of a lack of functionality or effectiveness.

Slang For Not Working

Slang Words for Not Working

Here is the list of slang words for Not Working with meanings:

  1. Busted – Broken, damaged, and can’t be used.
  2. Kaput – Completely finished or broken down.
  3. On the fritz – Malfunctioning or acting strangely.
  4. Fried – Burned out, completely non-functional.
  5. Dud – Something ineffective and doesn’t work.
  6. Wonky – Not stable or functional, out of order.
  7. Cacked – Failed to function, given out.
  8. Snafu – Situation gone wrong, malfunctioned.
  9. Borked – Broken, messed up badly.
  10. Fubar – Beyond repair, completely messed up.
  11. Zonked – Completely exhausted or failed.
  12. Gonzo – Gone beyond repair, lost cause.
  13. Janked – Poor quality, not working correctly.
  14. Muffed – Mistaken or malfunctioned.
  15. Nuked – Completely destroyed or inoperable.
  16. Hosed – Ruined or non-functional.
  17. Crapped out – Stopped working suddenly.
  18. Tanked – Failed spectacularly, collapsed.
  19. Ditched – Abandoned because of malfunction.
  20. Blown – Burned out or ruined.

Use of Not Working Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Not Working:

  1. My computer’s busted after that fall.
  2. The old radio is kaput now.
  3. My phone’s on the fritz again.
  4. The circuit board got fried in the storm.
  5. That new gadget was a dud.
  6. The settings are all wonky.
  7. My headphones finally cacked.
  8. The event was a total snafu.
  9. The update borked my software.
  10. This old car is fubar.
  11. The system is zonked after that virus.
  12. My laptop’s battery is gonzo.
  13. This app’s interface is janked.
  14. I muffed up the presentation.
  15. The database got nuked by mistake.
  16. The pipes are hosed after the freeze.
  17. My watch just crapped out.
  18. The project tanked after the budget cut.
  19. The old software was ditched by the team.
  20. The bulb has blown; we need a replacement.

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