20+ Slang for Coward (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Coward Mean?

The term “coward” refers to a person who lacks courage, especially in facing danger, difficulty, or opposition. The word originates from the Old French word “coart,” which is derived from the Latin word “cauda,” meaning “tail,” metaphorically suggesting turning tail or fleeing.

Slang For Coward

Slang Words for Coward

  1. Chicken – Lacking courage.
  2. Yellow-belly – Easily scared.
  3. Scaredy-cat – Easily frightened.
  4. Pussyfoot – Hesitates or cautious.
  5. Wuss – Weak or timid.
  6. Wimp – Feeble or unassertive.
  7. Sissy – Lacks courage/strength.
  8. Milquetoast – Very timid.
  9. Fraidy-cat – Afraid or timid.
  10. Nervous Nellie – Easily agitated.
  11. Gutless – Lacking courage.
  12. Jellyfish – Spineless, weak.
  13. Lily-livered – Lacks courage.
  14. Pansy – Weak or effeminate.
  15. Cream puff – Soft, easily crushed.
  16. Baby – Immature, fearful.
  17. Crybaby – Complains, easily upset.
  18. Mouse – Timid or meek.
  19. Pushover – Easily defeated.
  20. Softie – Gentle, not tough.

Use of Coward Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He was too much of a chicken to ask her out.
  2. She called him a yellow-belly for avoiding the debate.
  3. Don’t be a scaredy-cat, just go for it!
  4. He tends to pussyfoot around difficult issues.
  5. You’re acting like a wuss over a tiny spider.
  6. He was a wimp and avoided confrontations.
  7. She’s no sissy when it comes to sports.
  8. He’s a milquetoast when faced with conflict.
  9. Don’t be a fraidy-cat, it’s just a movie.
  10. Stop being such a nervous Nellie; it’s fine.
  11. They criticized him for being gutless in negotiations.
  12. She’s no jellyfish; she stands up for herself.
  13. They said he was lily-livered for not joining.
  14. Quit being a pansy and take a stand.
  15. He melted like a cream puff under pressure.
  16. You’re acting like a baby, it’s just a game.
  17. Don’t be a crybaby over such a small matter.
  18. He’s a mouse when it comes to public speaking.
  19. She’s no pushover; she knows how to fight.
  20. He’s a softie when it comes to animals.

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