30+ Slang for Testicles (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Testicles Mean?

Testicles are male reproductive organs responsible for producing sperm and hormones, primarily testosterone. They are located in the scrotum, below the penis.

Slang For Testicles

Slang Words for Testicles

Here is the list of slang words for Testicles with meanings:

  1. Balls – Male reproductive round organs.
  2. Nuts – Informal term for testicles.
  3. Gonads – Reproductive glands; testes specifically.
  4. Jewels – Valuable items; a metaphor for testicles.
  5. Orbs – Spheres; often used humorously.
  6. Stones – Hard objects; that imply toughness.
  7. Beans – Small seeds; colloquial for testicles.
  8. Nads – Shortened form of “gonads”.
  9. Bollocks – British slang for testicles.
  10. Clackers – Sounds of objects clacking together.
  11. Boys – Informal; referring to “the pair”.
  12. Plums – Fruits; suggestive due to shape.
  13. Rocks – Solid objects; that imply strength.
  14. Nuggets – Small, valuable pieces; humorously for testicles.
  15. Eggs – Oval reproductive bodies; colloquially for testicles.
  16. Kiwi – Fruit; shape resembles testicles.
  17. Family jewels – Valuable items; a euphemism.
  18. Berries – Small fruits; humorous testicle reference.
  19. Bits – Pieces; informally for private parts.
  20. Marbles – Small round objects; metaphor for testicles.
  21. Cherries – Small fruits; used humorously.
  22. Packages – Containers; a discreet reference.
  23. Swingers – Things that swing; cheeky term.
  24. Baubles – Small, shiny ornaments; humorously for testicles.
  25. Pebbles – Small stones; playful term.
  26. Ticklers – Something that tickles; used humorously.
  27. Manhood – Sign of masculinity; sometimes means testicles.
  28. Twins – Two identical things; referring to the pair.
  29. Gems – Precious stones; euphemistic term.
  30. Pills – Small medicinal objects; playful reference.

Use of Testicles Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Testicles:

  1. He got kicked in the balls accidentally.
  2. Watch out for your nuts while cycling.
  3. His gonads took the brunt of the fall.
  4. He calls them his prized jewels.
  5. Those soccer players protect their orbs well.
  6. His courage? Man’s got stones for sure.
  7. Don’t squeeze the beans too tight.
  8. That hit hurt his nads big time.
  9. In the UK, they say bollocks often.
  10. The horse’s clackers were visible underneath.
  11. Protect the boys when playing cricket.
  12. He compared them humorously to plums.
  13. He joked about having rocks of steel.
  14. He felt like his nuggets were freezing.
  15. Chickens lay eggs, and so do men!
  16. Those tiny shorts reveal his kiwi.
  17. Guard your family jewels during the match.
  18. Sometimes he refers to them as berries.
  19. It’s important to check your bits regularly.
  20. He said it felt like losing marbles.
  21. After the surgery, he missed his cherries.
  22. The boxer had a protected package.
  23. On the dance floor, the swingers move.
  24. He said, with a laugh, “shiny baubles“.
  25. He compared them playfully to pebbles.
  26. His new shorts are real ticklers.
  27. He believes in preserving his manhood.
  28. Injury to one hurts both twins equally.
  29. He referred to them as his gems.
  30. He’s got two bitter pills to protect.

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