20+ Slang for Mouth (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Mouth Mean?

A “mouth” is the anatomical structure in the face used for eating, speaking, and breathing; it also serves as an opening for sound and communication. Additionally, the term can metaphorically refer to a person’s speech or expression.

Slang For Mouth

Slang Words for Mouth

Here is the list of slang words for Mouth with meanings:

  1. Chops: The jaws or cheeks of a person.
  2. Pie hole: An informal term for the mouth.
  3. Yap: A person’s mouth, especially when speaking noisily.
  4. Mug: One’s face, particularly the mouth.
  5. Cake hole: A humorous term for someone’s mouth.
  6. Kisser: A person’s mouth or lips.
  7. Gob: British slang for mouth or face.
  8. Trap: An informal way to refer to the mouth.
  9. Lips: Often referring to the mouth as a whole.
  10. Bazoo: A light-hearted term for the mouth.
  11. Gabber: Someone’s mouth, especially when chatty.
  12. Maw: A person’s mouth, especially when wide open.
  13. Schnoz: The face, especially the nose and mouth.
  14. Smackers: An affectionate term for lips or mouth.
  15. Cake muncher: A fun phrase for someone’s mouth.
  16. Flapper: A term referencing the mouth or lips.
  17. Beak: A playful term, likening a mouth to a bird’s.
  18. Food chute: Humorous slang for the mouth.
  19. Lip locker: The part of the face used for kissing.
  20. Word hole: A comedic way to refer to someone’s mouth.

Use of Mouth Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Mouth:

  1. Don’t lick your chops; that’s impolite.
  2. Close your pie hole and listen!
  3. Your yap never stops, does it?
  4. Wipe that smile off your mug.
  5. Stop stuffing your cake hole and talk.
  6. What a lovely shade on your kisser!
  7. Keep your gob shut during the movie.
  8. Zip your trap for once.
  9. Your lips are turning blue from the cold.
  10. He never stops running his bazoo.
  11. She’s quite the gabber at parties.
  12. Close your maw; you’re catching flies.
  13. He broke his schnoz during the game.
  14. Put those smackers to use and whistle.
  15. Don’t spill on your cake muncher while eating.
  16. Keep that flapper shut during class.
  17. Watch where you’re pointing that beak.
  18. Don’t choke; chew before using your food chute.
  19. Her lip locker is always ready for a peck.
  20. Think before using that word hole of yours.

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