20+ Slang for Crime (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Crime Mean?

Crime refers to an unlawful act or behavior that is considered a violation of established laws and regulations within a society. Its origin can be traced back to societal norms and legal frameworks developed to maintain order and ensure the safety and well-being of a community.

Slang For Crime

Slang Words for Crime

  1. Heist: Robbery or theft.
  2. Caper: Criminal act or job.
  3. Jacked: Stolen forcefully.
  4. Boost: Steal or shoplift.
  5. Fence: Sell stolen goods.
  6. Racket: Illicit business scheme.
  7. Gig: Criminal activity.
  8. Stick-up: Robbery at gunpoint.
  9. Grift: Con or swindle.
  10. Job: Criminal enterprise.
  11. Hot: Stolen or illegal.
  12. Scoop: Information gathering.
  13. Chop shop: Stolen vehicle dismantling.
  14. Shakedown: Extortion or bribery.
  15. Hoodwink: Deceive or cheat.
  16. Pinch: Arrest or steal.
  17. Score: Obtain illicitly.
  18. Sleight of hand: Deceptive maneuver.
  19. Under the table: Illegal transaction.
  20. Whack: Murder or kill.

Use of Crime Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Pulled off a daring heist in broad daylight.
  2. Planned a wild casino caper with disguises.
  3. Got caught with a backpack jacked full of goods.
  4. Managed to boost some electronics from the store.
  5. He’s a known fence for stolen art.
  6. Involved in a counterfeit money racket.
  7. Her brother’s first gig was car theft.
  8. Witnessed a scary street stick-up yesterday.
  9. I Fell victim to an elaborate investment grift.
  10. Carried out a successful jewelry store job.
  11. Found out that the laptop was hot, and reported it.
  12. Used his connections for insider trading scoop.
  13. Uncovered a hidden automobile chop shop.
  14. Exposed a politician’s corruption through shakedown.
  15. Tried to hoodwink tourists with a scam.
  16. Police managed to pinch the notorious thief.
  17. Always found a way to score free drinks.
  18. His tricks were pure sleight of hand.
  19. Paid employees under the table to avoid tax.
  20. Rumors say he ordered a rival’s whack.

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