30+ Slang for U-Turn (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does U-Turn mean?

A “U-turn” is a 180-degree turn in the direction opposite to one’s original course, often used to refer to vehicles reversing direction on roads. It can also metaphorically refer to a complete change in opinion or policy.

Slang For U Turn

Slang Words for U-turn

Here is the list of slang words for U-turns with meanings:

  1. Flip-flop – Change position or decision quickly.
  2. Backtrack – Reverse one’s previous stance.
  3. Reverse – Change direction to opposite.
  4. About-face – 180-degree change, especially in opinion.
  5. Backpedal – Retreat from a previous stance.
  6. Switch – Change position or side.
  7. Swerve – change direction suddenly.
  8. Pivot – Turn sharply; change direction.
  9. Recant – Formally withdraw the previous statement.
  10. Rethink – Consider a different position.
  11. Retrace – Go back over previous steps.
  12. Rewind – Go back; similar to “go back in time.”
  13. Double back – Return the way one came.
  14. Turnabout – Complete change in direction.
  15. Flip – Change position or side.
  16. Twist – A change in direction/position.
  17. Loop – A complete circular turn.
  18. Reverse-ferret – Suddenly change one’s opinion (journalistic slang).
  19. Roundabout – Indirect way; circular route.
  20. Rollback – Revert to the previous state.
  21. Revert – Return to a previous state.
  22. Turntail – Turn and run away; flee.
  23. Revolvement – The act of turning around.
  24. Yaw – Deviate off course momentarily.
  25. Zigzag – Change direction abruptly, repeatedly.
  26. Juke – Fake out, often in sports.
  27. Duck – Evade or avoid.
  28. Veer – Change direction suddenly.
  29. Jog – A slight turn or shift.
  30. Shift – Change position or direction.

Use of U-turn Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of U-turn:

  1. She will flip-flop on her decision tomorrow.
  2. I might have to backtrack on my statement.
  3. Can you reverse the car into the garage?
  4. His speech was an about-face from last week.
  5. Politicians often backpedal on their promises.
  6. He’ll switch his support if convinced.
  7. Be careful not to swerve while driving.
  8. The dancer made a sharp pivot mid-performance.
  9. Under pressure, he decided to recant his claims.
  10. It’s time to rethink our strategy.
  11. We need to retrace our steps immediately.
  12. Let’s rewind the tape and check.
  13. The spy had to double back to avoid capture.
  14. His sudden turnabout surprised everyone.
  15. She might flip her stance by tomorrow.
  16. The path began to twist uphill.
  17. The plane took a loop in the air.
  18. The newspaper made a reverse-ferret on the issue.
  19. Take the roundabout way to avoid traffic.
  20. The software update required a rollback.
  21. You may have to revert to your previous version.
  22. After seeing the snake, he turntail and ran.
  23. The dancer’s elegant revolvement impressed the audience.
  24. The ship began to yaw due to waves.
  25. The path will zigzag through the forest.
  26. The footballer tried to juke his opponent.
  27. He tried to duck the challenging question.
  28. The car will veer right at the junction.
  29. There’s a small jog in the path ahead.
  30. Weather patterns can shift without warning.

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