30+ Slang for Bathroom (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Bathroom Mean?

A bathroom is a room in a home for personal hygiene activities, typically containing a toilet, sink, and either a bathtub or a shower. The term originates from “bath” (a place to wash) and “room” (a separate space).

Slang For Bathroom

Slang Words for Bathroom

  1. Loo – British restroom term.
  2. John – Common U.S. term.
  3. Lav – Short for the lavatory.
  4. Privy – Old term, outdoor toilet.
  5. Can – Informal restroom term.
  6. Crapper – From early toilet brand.
  7. Head – Nautical term for toilet.
  8. Throne – Playful royal term.
  9. Potty – Children’s toilet term.
  10. Powder room – Ladies’ restroom.
  11. WC – Short for “Water Closet”.
  12. Dunny – Australian slang.
  13. Bog – British informal term.
  14. Little boys’ room – Men’s restroom.
  15. Little girls’ room – Women’s restroom.
  16. Facilities – Euphemistic term.
  17. Restroom – Common U.S. term.
  18. Outhouse – Outdoor toilet structure.
  19. Latrine – Military or camp term.
  20. Washroom – Canadian restroom term.
  21. Commode – Furniture-like term.
  22. Gents – Men’s restroom.
  23. Ladies – Women’s restroom.
  24. Netty – Northeast England slang.
  25. Karzy – Old British slang.
  26. Biffy – Informal, possibly Scottish.
  27. Reading room – Jokingly, for readers.
  28. The facilities – Polite euphemism.
  29. Comfort station – Formal term.
  30. Pisser – Crude slang term.

Use of Bathroom Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Excuse me, where’s the loo here?
  2. The john is around the corner.
  3. The lav needs some cleaning.
  4. The cottage has its own privy.
  5. I need to find a can quickly.
  6. That old crapper is broken.
  7. On ships, it’s called the head.
  8. I’ll be at the throne.
  9. Is there a potty for toddlers?
  10. The powder room is for women.
  11. The WC sign is right there.
  12. I spotted a dunny behind the shed.
  13. The bog is out of order.
  14. I’m headed to the little boys’ room.
  15. She’s in the little girls’ room.
  16. Are the facilities nearby?
  17. The restroom is down the hall.
  18. The cabin has an outhouse.
  19. Soldiers use the latrine in camp.
  20. Check the first door for the washroom.
  21. The antique commode is still functional.
  22. The gents is the second door left.
  23. The ladies is next to the cafe.
  24. He’s in the netty right now.
  25. That old karzy is a vintage piece.
  26. I haven’t seen a biffy in years.
  27. I spent hours in the reading room.
  28. I’m looking for the facilities here.
  29. The park has a comfort station nearby.
  30. That’s one busy pisser at the bar.

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