20+ Slang for Kids (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Kids Mean?

“Kids” is a casual term that refers to children or young individuals who are not yet adults, typically under the age of 18. It is commonly used in everyday language to describe young people.

Slang For Kids

Slang Words for Kids

Here is the list of slang words for Kids with meanings:

  1. Tykes: Very young children; little ones.
  2. Munchkins: Small children, often endearing.
  3. Squirts: Young ones; often used playfully.
  4. Lil’ ones: Small or young children.
  5. Tots: Very young children, usually toddlers.
  6. Kiddos: Friendly term for children.
  7. Young’uns: A colloquial term for the young.
  8. Rugrats: Playful term for mischievous children.
  9. Sprouts: Young children, growing quickly.
  10. Minis: Small ones, likened to miniatures.
  11. Shorties: Informal term for kids.
  12. Littles: Refers to younger children.
  13. Whippersnappers: Young, impertinent kids.
  14. Tiny tots: Very young toddlers.
  15. Groms: Young surfers, often kids.
  16. Chilluns: Playful or colloquial term for children.
  17. Nippers: Young children, often mischievous.
  18. Shrimps: Small or young kids.
  19. Small fry: Young children, small ones.
  20. Peanuts: Endearing term for small kids.

Use of Kids Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Kids:

  1. She has two cute tykes running around at home.
  2. Look at those munchkins playing in the mud!
  3. The squirts are having a blast at the park.
  4. We bought toys for the lil’ ones.
  5. The playground was filled with playful tots.
  6. Hey, how are your kiddos doing?
  7. The young’uns are always so full of energy.
  8. Those rugrats made a mess in the kitchen.
  9. The sprouts are growing up so fast.
  10. My two minis are always up to something.
  11. The school was filled with eager shorties.
  12. The littles have a separate play area.
  13. Those whippersnappers are tech-savvier than I am!
  14. The nursery school is filled with tiny tots.
  15. Those groms are tearing up the waves today.
  16. The chilluns love visiting their grandparents.
  17. The nippers were chasing the cat around.
  18. Those shrimps are already reading and writing!
  19. The small fry have their own pool section.
  20. Those peanuts are the light of my life.

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