30+ Slang for Legs (Their Uses & Meanings)

What do People Legs?

Legs are the limbs on which an individual or animal stands and walks. They extend from the hip to the foot and are used for support and mobility.

Slang For Legs

Slang Words for Legs

Here is the list of slang words for Legs with meanings:

  1. Sticks – Thin, long legs, often lacking muscle.
  2. Pins – Another term for slender, attractive legs.
  3. Gams – Classic slang for a woman’s shapely legs.
  4. Stems – Legs, emphasizing their length or elegance.
  5. Tree trunks – Thick, muscular, or stout legs.
  6. Twigs – Very skinny, fragile-looking legs.
  7. Pillars – Strong, supportive legs, often muscular.
  8. Pegs – Informal term often denoting regular legs.
  9. Limbs – Another casual term for legs in general.
  10. Drumsticks – Usually refers to lean, muscular legs.
  11. Benders – Legs, particularly if they’re bowed or curved.
  12. Pipes – Smooth, toned, or muscular legs.
  13. Rails – Particularly thin, linear-looking legs.
  14. Beanpoles – Tall and skinny legs, often on tall people.
  15. Stilts – Extremely long legs, emphasizing height.
  16. Struts – Legs, especially when walking confidently.
  17. Bases – Legs seen as a foundation or support.
  18. Poles – Emphasizes the length or straightness of legs.
  19. Spindles – Delicate, thin, or finely shaped legs.
  20. Towers – Legs that stand tall, emphasizing height.

Example Sentences Using the Slang Words:

  1. She’s so tall; look at those sticks.
  2. With those pins, she could be a model.
  3. Old movies often mention a lady’s gams.
  4. Her stems go on for days in those heels.
  5. As a weightlifter, he’s proud of his tree trunks.
  6. Ballet dancers sometimes have twigs but are strong.
  7. Rugby players often have pillars for support.
  8. I hurt one of my pegs during the hike.
  9. He stretched his limbs after the long nap.
  10. Athletes often work hard to get drumsticks.
  11. Those cowboy boots highlight his benders.
  12. She’s been working out; look at those pipes.
  13. With legs like rails, jeans fit her loosely.
  14. Tall folks sometimes get called beanpoles jokingly.
  15. Those high-waisted pants make her look like she’s on stilts.
  16. She struts around with such confidence.
  17. He relies on his bases for strength in martial arts.
  18. Models often have long poles, ideal for runways.
  19. Those vintage pants highlight her spindles.
  20. With those towers, he dominates on the basketball court.

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