30+ Slang for You’re Welcome (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does “You’re Welcome” Mean?

“You’re welcome” is a polite response used when someone expresses gratitude or thanks to another person. It is a way to acknowledge the appreciation and indicate that the action or favor was willingly done without any expectation of repayment.

Slang For You’re Welcome

Slang Words for You’re welcome

Here is the list of slang words for you’re welcome:

  1. No probe / No problem
  2. No worries
  3. It’s all good
  4. Anytime
  5. Don’t mention it
  6. All good
  7. No biggie
  8. Not a thing
  9. It’s chill
  10. It’s nothing
  11. Sure thing
  12. Goth / Got you
  13. De nada (Spanish for “it’s nothing”)
  14. It’s cool
  15. My pleasure
  16. Forget about it
  17. Nothing to it
  18. Happy to help
  19. Don’t sweat it
  20. Isn’t a thing
  21. It’s a right (short for “it’s alright”)
  22. No drama
  23. It’s gravy
  24. Easy peas
  25. No stress
  26. Bet
  27. That’s what I’m here for
  28. Always
  29. Think nothing of it
  30. Of course

Slang Terms for You’re Welcome with Meanings

  1. No probe / No problem: Implies that helping or doing the favor was not an inconvenience.
  2. No worries: Similar to “no problem”; signifies that everything is okay.
  3. It’s all good: Everything is fine or acceptable.
  4. Anytime: Willing to assist or help at any time.
  5. Don’t mention it: It wasn’t a big deal, so there’s no need to thank.
  6. All good: Everything is okay; no harm done.
  7. No biggie: It wasn’t a big deal.
  8. Not a thing: It wasn’t an issue or problem.
  9. It’s chill: It’s relaxed or not a problem.
  10. It’s nothing: What was done was minor and not worth mentioning.
  11. Sure thing: Certainly or definitely.
  12. Goth / Got you: I understand or I’ve helped you.
  13. De nada: Spanish for “it’s nothing”; used casually.
  14. It’s cool: Everything is okay.
  15. My pleasure: It was a joy or privilege to help.
  16. Forget about it: Don’t worry or think about it.
  17. Nothing to it: It was easy or not troublesome.
  18. Happy to help: Pleased to provide assistance.
  19. Don’t sweat it: Don’t worry about it.
  20. Isn’t a thing: It wasn’t an issue.
  21. It’s a right: Short for “it’s alright”; everything is fine.
  22. No drama: No complications or problems.
  23. It’s gravy: Everything is good or smooth.
  24. Easy peas: It was simple or easy.
  25. No stress: There’s no need to worry.
  26. Bet: Sure or understood; can also mean “you’re welcome” in certain contexts.
  27. That’s what I’m here for: My role or purpose was to assist.
  28. Always: Always here to help.
  29. Think nothing of it: Don’t give it another thought; it was minor.
  30. Of course: Naturally or as expected.

Use of You’re Welcome Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Helping you was no probe; I’m glad I could assist.
  2. I’ve got that task covered, no worries.
  3. I made a tiny mistake, but it’s all good now.
  4. Need help again? Just ask, anytime.
  5. I got those tickets for you. Don’t mention it.
  6. I saw your message late but replied, and now all’s good.
  7. I forgot my umbrella, but it’s just a drizzle, so no biggie.
  8. I managed to fix the glitch; it was not a thing.
  9. You were late to the meeting? It’s chill; we just started.
  10. Thanks for the coffee, but it’s nothing.
  11. Need another favor? Sure thing!
  12. You seemed confused, so I chimed in. I botch.
  13. You like the food? I made it from scratch. De nada!
  14. You spilled a bit of water? It’s cool; I’ll clean it up.
  15. I always enjoy baking, so making that cake was my pleasure.
  16. You lost the game? Forget about it; there’s always next time.
  17. Fixing that issue was nothing to it; glad I could help.
  18. Saw you struggling with those bags, so I came over. Happy to help!
  19. Made a minor error in the report? Don’t sweat it; we can fix it.
  20. Fixing that light bulb for you isn’t a thing.
  21. The food is a bit spicy, but it’s a right.
  22. We resolved the conflict, and now there’s no drama.
  23. Got a bit of sauce on your shirt? It’s gravy; it’ll wash out.
  24. Solving that puzzle? For me, it was easy peasy.
  25. I saw your missed call but called right back, so no stress.
  26. You want me to pick you up at 8? Bet.
  27. I’m here to ensure you understand the material. That’s what I’m here for.
  28. If you ever need advice, I’ve got your back, always.
  29. Thanks for the compliment, but think nothing of it.
  30. You needed an extension for the project? Granted, of course.

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