20 Slang for Police Officer (2024)

What does Police Officer Mean?

Slang For Police Officer

Slang Words for Police Officer

Here is the list of slang words for Police Officers with meanings:

  1. Copper – an old term for a policeman.
  2. Fed – federal law enforcement officer.
  3. Five-O – from the show “Hawaii Five-O”.
  4. Popo – an informal term for the police.
  5. Fuzz – old slang for police.
  6. Pig – a derogatory term for an officer.
  7. Narc – officer targeting drug offenses.
  8. Flatfoot – old-fashioned slang for a policeman.
  9. Heat – refers to police presence.
  10. G-Man – government man, often FBI.
  11. Bobby – British term from Sir Robert Peel.
  12. Blue – referencing police uniform color.
  13. Cop – short for “copper”.
  14. Sheriff – local law enforcement head.
  15. Trooper – state or highway patrol officer.
  16. Detective – officer who solves crimes.
  17. Rookie – a new or inexperienced officer.
  18. Law – short for law enforcement.
  19. Badge – referencing their identification.
  20. Mountie – Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Use of Police Officer Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I saw a copper patrolling the street.
  2. He’s not local, he’s a fed.
  3. Watch out, Five-O is around the corner.
  4. The popo is setting up a roadblock.
  5. I haven’t seen the fuzz around lately.
  6. Don’t call him a pig, it’s disrespectful.
  7. He got busted by a narc last week.
  8. That flatfoot has been on the beat for years.
  9. We felt the heat and decided to leave.
  10. A G-Man came asking questions yesterday.
  11. I met a friendly bobby during my trip to London.
  12. The blue was all over the scene in minutes.
  13. It’s just a local cop, not the FBI.
  14. The sheriff is known to be strict.
  15. A trooper pulled me over for speeding.
  16. The detective solved the case in days.
  17. That rookie made a rookie mistake.
  18. The law was at the door this morning.
  19. He showed his badge and I knew he was legit.
  20. I’ve always been fascinated by the mounties in Canada.

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