100+ Teen Slang Words (With Decoded Meanings)

List of Teen Slang Words in English with infographics PDF! You can get a list of 100+ most commonly used teenage useful slang words.  These slang words are very useful in our daily conversational English. You can improve your fluency and save time by using teen slang words. Slang words and abbreviations make your conversation more secure.

What are Teen Slang Words?

Teen slang words are the new generation vocabulary words used by teenagers that also contain abbreviations and acronyms. Teenagers use these vocabulary words to save time and make their conversations faster and more secure. By using slang words and abbreviations they can easily hide their messages and other conversation nature from their parents and elders.

Why Parents Should Know Teen Slang Words?

Parents should also know teen slang words to save their young ones from any calamity or serious situation. If parents used to monitor the mobile phones of their children then they should know the slang words in this list. This list contains some abbreviations also that are used as slang words.

Teen Slang Words with Meanings

Here are some common teenage slang words:

  • Lit – Awesome or exciting.
  • Savage – Acting boldly or without restraint.
  • Fam – Close friends or family.
  • GOAT – Acronym for “Greatest of All Time.”
  • Bae – Term of endearment for a significant other or loved one.
  • Swag – Confidence and style.
  • Chill – Relaxed or easygoing.
  • YOLO – Acronym for “You Only Live Once.”
  • FOMO – Acronym for “Fear of Missing Out.”
  • Squad – A group of friends.
  • TBH – Acronym for “To Be Honest.”
  • ROFL – Acronym for “Rolling On the Floor Laughing.”
  • Woke – Aware of social and political issues.
  • Glow Up – Transformation or improvement in appearance.
  • Ghosting – Suddenly cutting off all communication with someone.
  • Meme – Internet humor or cultural reference shared widely.
  • Flex – Showing off or bragging.
  • Cringe – Embarrassing or uncomfortable.
  • Ship – To support a romantic relationship between two people.
  • Dope – Cool or impressive.

Common Teen Slangs

  • A mood —— It is about the feeling
  • And I oop —— Something really surprising happens
  • ASL —— Age/sex/location
  • Bad —— a boy or girl who is sexy
  • Bae —— used for babe & baby, a slang for GF & BF
  • Basic —— Boring, unoriginal, and average.
  • Bet —— A promise of doing or giving something according to the winner’s will
  • Bih —— it is a short form of b*tch
  • Body count —— it is the no. of people someone has slept with
  • Bruh —— used to address any boy
  • BTS —— It’s a Korean boy band popular with tweens and teens
  • Cap —— Lie
  • Cappin —— Lying
  • Cheugy —— Something Outdated
  • Cringe —— feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment
  • Cursed —— Used for something that is unsettling or creepy
  • Dead —— Something Hysterical or Funny
  • Dope —— describing a thing as awesome or cool
  • Drip —— Style, flashy accessories, great fashion sense
  • Egirl / Eboy —— A Young Boy/Girl with an emo-inspired, punk-rock style
  • Fam —— Friends
  • Fam —— Group of friends
  • FINSTA —— Fake Instagram account
  • Fire —— Amazing
  • Fire —— Hot, amazing, trending, or cool
  • Flex —— Showing off
  • FOMO —— Fear of missing out
  • FWB —— Friends with benefits
  • O.A.T —— Greatest Of All Time
  • Gas —— Someone feels your joke as serious
  • Ghost —— Someone who is not replying to your text for long time
  • Ghosted —— Breakup, Ending a relationship, and disappearing from the eyesight
  • Goals —— Anything you want or aspire to
  • GOAT —— Greatest of all time
  • GTG —— Got to go
  • Gucci —— Something good or cool
  • Hentai —— Graphic anime pornography
  • High key —— Very interested in 2. Actively spreading information
  • ISO —— In search of
  • Karen —— Refering towards an entitled mom
  • KMS —— Kill myself
  • KYS —— Kill yourself
  • Lit —— Exciting, cool & amazing
  • Lit/Turnt/Turnt Up —— Something that’s active or popular, can also refer to being stoned or drunk
  • LMAO —— Laughing my ass off
  • LMP —— A term that means “like my pic”
  • LOL —— Laugh out loud
  • Low key —— Keeping information secret
  • Low-key Private or secret
  • Meal —— Someone who looks good enough to eat. See also: “Snack” or “snacc”
  • Netflix and chill —— Getting together and hooking up
  • No cap —— Used to say that someone is not lying
  • NP —— No problem
  • OFC —— Short for “of course”
  • Periodt —— Used to state/ emphasize facts; usually used to end a statement
  • Plug —— Term used to refer to someone who can “connect” you with drugs; a drug dealer.
  • PMOYS —— Acronym that stands for “put me on your Snapchat”
  • Salty —— To be bitter or cranky about something
  • Salty —— Being bitter or angry
  • Same —— “I can relate”
  • Shade —— Acting in a casual or disrespectful manner toward someone
  • Shading —— Gossiping about someone or other parties
  • Ship —— Used for a relationship, or desire of seeing a couple together
  • Sis —— Short for “sister” but can be used to address any lady
  • Skeet —— To ejaculate
  • Smash —— Means to have casual sex
  • SMDH —— Shaking my damn head
  • SMH —— Shaking my head means not believing someone
  • Snack —— Describes an attractive person
  • Snapstreak —— Creating a streak when friends send snaps everyday
  • Snatched —— On point, well dressed, or very good
  • Spam —— A fake social media account
  • Squad —— a close friend group
  • Stan —— A teen slang term meaning an obsessive or overzealous fan of a particular celebrity
  • Swoop —— To be picked up in an automobile
  • TBH —— To be honest
  • Tea —— Gossip or interesting news shared between friends
  • Thicc —— Having an attractive, curvy body
  • Thirsty —— Desperate for attention, usually sexual attention
  • Trash —— “Terrible,” “unacceptable
  • V —— “Very”
  • Vibing —— walking outside and chilling, enjoying tension free world, having fun
  • VSCO girl —— A style characterized by Hydro Flasks, Crocs, and scrunchies
  • Woke —— Socially or politically conscious
  • WTF —— What the f**k?
  • WYA —— Where you at?
  • WYD —— What you doing?
  • YAAS —— A very emphatic yes
  • Yassss —— An enthusiastic way of saying “yes”
  • YEET —— Saying yes strongly to someone
  • Zaddy —— a well groomed man, Attractive personality, handsome

American Teen Slangs

Here are some American teen slangs and their meanings:

Lit: something exciting, fun, or cool

Example: That party was so lit!

Slay: to do something extremely well or with great style

Example: Did you see Beyoncé’s performance? She totally slayed!

Squad: a group of friends or people you hang out with

Example: I’m going to the movies with my squad tonight.

Fam: short for family, can refer to close friends or a group of people you feel close to

Example: What’s up, fam? Do you guys want to hang out later?

Chill: to relax or take it easy

Example: Let’s just chill at home and watch a movie tonight.

Extra: over-the-top, dramatic, or attention-seeking

Example: Why are you being so extra today?

Gucci: good, great, or all good

Example: Are we still on for the concert tonight? Yeah, it’s Gucci.

Low-key: secretly, or not wanting to draw attention to something

Example: I low-key have a crush on him.

Savage: tough or hardcore, can also be used to describe someone who is brutally honest

Example: She’s such a savage, she’ll tell you exactly what she thinks.

GOAT: acronym for greatest of all time

Example: LeBron James is definitely the GOAT of basketball.

British Teen Slangs

Here are some British teen slangs and their meanings:

Sick: cool, awesome

Example: That new video game is sick!

Bloke: man, guy

Example: I met this bloke at the pub last night, he was really friendly.

Lad: a young man who likes to have fun and hang out with his friends

Example: My brother and his lads are going out for a few drinks tonight.

Bird: woman, girl

Example: I’m meeting up with a few birds from work for lunch.

Mug: a gullible person who is easily fooled

Example: Don’t be a mug, he’s just trying to take advantage of you.

Nonce: a derogatory term for a pedophile or someone who is sexually inappropriate with children

Example: I can’t believe they let that nonce out of prison.

Pissed: drunk

Example: I got so pissed at the party last night, I don’t even remember how I got home.

Sorted: taken care of, resolved

Example: Thanks for helping me out, you really sorted me out.

Tosser: an insulting term for someone who is annoying or unpleasant

Example: I can’t stand that guy, he’s such a tosser.

Wanker: an insulting term for someone who is arrogant or self-centered

Example: Don’t listen to him, he’s just a wanker.

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