20+ Slang for Harvard Students (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Harvard student mean?

A Harvard student is an individual enrolled in courses at Harvard University, an Ivy League institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are typically pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies at the university.

Slang For Harvard Student

Slang Words for Harvard students

  1. Housie – fellow house resident
  2. River – dorms near Charles River
  3. Quadling – someone living in Radcliffe Quad
  4. Comp – to try out for something
  5. Pset – problem set for classes
  6. Ec – economics course/class
  7. Conc – concentration or major
  8. Shopping – trying out classes
  9. J-term – January term break
  10. TF – teaching fellow
  11. Crimson – school newspaper
  12. LamCaf – Lamont Library Café
  13. BGLTQ – LGBTQ at Harvard
  14. HOCO – house committee
  15. Scorp – Scorpion Bowl (drink)
  16. Veritaffle – waffle from dining hall
  17. Pre-frosh – prospective freshman
  18. Finals club – social club
  19. SecGen – Secretary-General (Model UN term)
  20. Brain break – late-night study snack

Use of Harvard Students Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I met my housie at the event yesterday.
  2. She stays at the river dormitories.
  3. My best friend is a quadling, so I visit often.
  4. I decided to comp for the debate team.
  5. This pset is really challenging.
  6. I’m taking an ec class next semester.
  7. What’s your conc? I’m considering history.
  8. I’m shopping three classes this week.
  9. During J-term, I visited Europe.
  10. My TF is super helpful this semester.
  11. Did you read today’s Crimson article?
  12. Let’s study at LamCaf tonight.
  13. The BGLTQ office offers great resources.
  14. She’s running for HOCO president.
  15. We ordered a scorp at the Kong.
  16. Breakfast was awesome, got a veritaffle.
  17. Met a few pre-frosh at the tour today.
  18. He’s part of a finals club.
  19. She’s the SecGen of our Model UN.
  20. I need a brain break after this study session.

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