40+ Slang for Arrested (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Arrested Mean?

“Arrested” refers to the act of taking someone into custody by law enforcement authorities due to suspected involvement in a crime. When a person is arrested, they are deprived of their freedom temporarily and are typically brought to a police station or holding facility for further processing, questioning, and potentially facing legal charges.

Slang For Arrested

Slang Words for Arrested

Here is the list of slang words for Arrested:

  1. Busted
  2. Cuffed
  3. Nailed
  4. Nabbed
  5. Booked
  6. Pinched
  7. Collared
  8. Snagged
  9. Bagged
  10. Roped
  11. Caught up
  12. Rounded up
  13. Popped
  14. Nicked
  15. Snared
  16. Hooked
  17. Laid by the heels
  18. Clinked
  19. Jugged
  20. Put away
  21. Racked
  22. Swooped on
  23. Hauled in
  24. Pulled in
  25. Picked up
  26. Slapped with cuffs
  27. Snatched
  28. Taken down
  29. Knocked
  30. Gotcha’d
  31. Swept up
  32. Trapped
  33. Cornered
  34. Caught red-handed
  35. Took into custody
  36. Fenced in
  37. Netted
  38. Bridled
  39. Apprehended
  40. Clamped

Use of Arrested Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He got busted for shoplifting yesterday.
  2. The thief was cuffed right away.
  3. The cop nailed him on the spot.
  4. The agent nabbed the spy at night.
  5. They booked him for reckless driving.
  6. He was pinched during the riot.
  7. The suspect was collared outside the bar.
  8. The fisherman snagged a big fish.
  9. She was bagged for her illicit activities.
  10. They roped him after the chase.
  11. He’s caught up in legal troubles now.
  12. The gang was rounded up quickly.
  13. The officer popped him for speeding.
  14. She got nicked for pickpocketing.
  15. The animal was snared in a trap.
  16. The big fish was hooked instantly.
  17. Pirates were often laid by the heels.
  18. He was clinked for the night.
  19. She was jugged for tax evasion.
  20. He was put away for a decade.
  21. The coat was racked in the store.
  22. They swooped on the hideout at dawn.
  23. The suspect was hauled in for questioning.
  24. The detective pulled him in for a chat.
  25. He was picked up on a tip-off.
  26. He was slapped with cuffs immediately.
  27. The eagle snatched its prey swiftly.
  28. The villain was taken down by heroes.
  29. The alarm knocked when he entered.
  30. “Gotcha!” the detective yelled, having gotcha’d him.
  31. The operatives were swept up in a raid.
  32. The mouse was trapped in the house.
  33. He felt cornered with no way out.
  34. He was caught red-handed stealing.
  35. They took him into custody at once.
  36. Wild horses are sometimes fenced in.
  37. The team netted the criminal mastermind.
  38. His anger was finally bridled.
  39. The fugitive was apprehended at the border.
  40. The car was clamped for illegal parking.

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