20+ Slang for Coming Home (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Coming Home Mean?

“Coming home” generally refers to the act of returning to one’s place of residence or origin. It often implies a sense of comfort, belonging, or emotional significance associated with the destination.

Slang For Coming Home

Slang Words for Coming Home

  1. Boomeranging: Returning home after leaving for a while.
  2. Touching Base: Coming home to reconnect.
  3. Nesting: Settling back into home life.
  4. Homerun: Successfully making it back home.
  5. Retreatin’: Pulling back to the comfort of home.
  6. Bouncin’ Back: Coming back home after being away.
  7. Rollin’ In: Arriving home in style or with flair.
  8. Homie-ing: Heading home in a relaxed manner.
  9. Cruisin’ In: Casually coming back home.
  10. Zippin’ Back: Returning home quickly.
  11. Crashin’: Heading home to rest or sleep.
  12. Loopin’: Coming home as part of a routine.
  13. Backtrackin’: Retracing steps to get back home.
  14. Pit-Stoppin’: Briefly returning home during a busy day.
  15. Full-Circle: Coming home after a long journey.
  16. Detourin’: Making a quick trip home before going elsewhere.
  17. Eclipsing: Briefly appearing at home before leaving again.
  18. Touch ‘n Go: A quick appearance at home.
  19. Dockin’: Coming home after a “journey” or event.
  20. Moonwalkin’: Returning home in a showy or noticeable manner.

Use of Coming Home Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She’s boomeranging after college ended.
  2. Let’s touch base with the family this weekend.
  3. I’ve been nesting all day long.
  4. He made a homerun after the night shift.
  5. She’s retreatin’ to the countryside home.
  6. He’s bouncin’ back from his Europe trip.
  7. We’re rollin’ in with all the groceries.
  8. I’ve been homie-ing since the concert ended.
  9. She’s cruisin’ in from her road trip.
  10. He’s zippin’ back for a family emergency.
  11. I’m crashin’ after this exhausting day.
  12. He’s loopin’ back for dinner.
  13. She’s backtrackin’ after forgetting her keys.
  14. I’m pit-stoppin’ before heading to the party.
  15. She went full-circle after backpacking for a year.
  16. I’m detourin’ home to grab my laptop.
  17. He’s eclipsing home between meetings.
  18. It was a touch ‘n go visit during the layover.
  19. We’re dockin’ after the sailing trip.
  20. She’s moonwalkin’ back with her trophy.

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