20+ Slang for Cheap Person (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Cheap Person mean?

A “Cheap Person” typically refers to someone who is unwilling to spend money, often to the point of being stingy or miserly. The term originates from the idea of being reluctant to part with one’s money, valuing it over other considerations.

Slang For Cheap Person

Slang Words for Cheap Person

  1. Tightwad: Extreme money-saver.
  2. Scrooge: Miserly person.
  3. Penny-pincher: Saves every penny.
  4. Cheapskate: Hesitant to spend.
  5. Miser: Hoards money greedily.
  6. Skinflint: Extreme penny-pincher.
  7. Stingy: Unwilling to share.
  8. Tightfisted: Holds money closely.
  9. Frugal: Economical, spends sparingly.
  10. Chintzy: Cheap or inferior quality.
  11. Thrifty: Careful with money.
  12. Parsimonious: Excessively thrifty.
  13. Cheapo: Often buys cheapest option.
  14. Niggardly: Reluctant to give/spend.
  15. Closefisted: Reluctant to part with money.
  16. Economizer: Seeks ways to save.
  17. Grinch: Stingy with holiday spirit.
  18. Tightarse (mainly British/Australian slang): Very stingy.
  19. Moocher: Borrows without returning.
  20. Freeloader: Takes without contributing.

Use of Cheap Person Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. My uncle is such a tightwad with gifts.
  2. Don’t be a Scrooge this Christmas season.
  3. She’s a notorious penny-pincher at sales.
  4. He won’t even tip; what a cheapskate!
  5. That old miser won’t spend a dime.
  6. She’s a skinflint when it comes to vacations.
  7. That shop owner seems very stingy with refunds.
  8. His tightfisted nature frustrates his friends.
  9. She’s frugal, always finding the best deals.
  10. That’s a chintzy toy; it broke immediately.
  11. Being thrifty helped her save for college.
  12. His parsimonious ways made group outings difficult.
  13. She bought a cheapo version and regretted it.
  14. Offering such a low salary is niggardly.
  15. He’s closefisted when it comes to lending.
  16. As an economizer, she reuses tea bags.
  17. Don’t be a Grinch; join our celebration!
  18. I paid because he’s a tightarse with money.
  19. Stop being a moocher and buy your own!
  20. He’s a classic freeloader, always avoiding the bill.

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