30+ Slang for Sneakers (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Sneakers Mean?

“Sneakers” refers to casual footwear designed for sports or everyday use, typically characterized by their rubber soles, flexible construction, and comfortable fit.

Slang For Sneakers

Slang Words for Sneakers

Here is the list of slang words for Sneakers with meanings:

  1. Kicks: Casual shoes, especially sneakers.
  2. Heat: High-demand and rare sneakers.
  3. Grails: Highly sought-after or one’s dream sneakers.
  4. Beaters: Sneakers worn frequently and aren’t in pristine condition.
  5. Freshies: Brand new, unworn sneakers.
  6. Runners: Shoes primarily designed for running.
  7. High-tops: Sneakers with a high-cut collar, above the ankle.
  8. Lows: Sneakers with a low-cut collar, below the ankle.
  9. Dunks: Specific style of sneakers by Nike.
  10. Jordans: Sneakers associated with Michael Jordan.
  11. Yeezys: Sneakers designed by Kanye West.
  12. Shell toes: Sneakers with a rubber toe cap, like Adidas Superstars.
  13. NMDs: Adidas sneakers known for urban style and comfort.
  14. Uptowns: Another name for Nike Air Force 1s.
  15. Triple Whites: All-white sneakers.
  16. Breds: Black and red colorway sneakers.
  17. Collabs: Sneakers resulting from brand collaborations.
  18. Drops: Newly released sneaker models.
  19. PEs: Player Exclusives, special editions for athletes.
  20. Deadstock: Brand new, never worn sneakers; often collectible.

Use of Sneakers Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Sneakers:

  1. I love my new kicks from the store.
  2. He managed to get that heat from the raffle.
  3. Those are my ultimate grails, just stunning!
  4. These beaters have lasted me years.
  5. Just got some freshies for the weekend.
  6. I need new runners for my marathon training.
  7. I prefer high-tops for a vintage look.
  8. She rocked those lows at the beach.
  9. Those are the latest dunks; they look great!
  10. I’ve always wanted those Jordans since childhood.
  11. Yeezys have such a unique design!
  12. I love the classic look of shell toes.
  13. My NMDs are the comfiest for walking.
  14. He gifted me a pair of uptowns for my birthday.
  15. I spilled coffee on my triple whites!
  16. The breds design is an iconic combo.
  17. These collabs between brands always surprise me.
  18. Did you get anything from the recent drops?
  19. Those PEs were made for a basketball star.
  20. He sells deadstock from the ’90s on his website.

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