Research Plural, What is the Plural of Research?

Meaning: the investigation into the study of something

Singular and Plural of Research

Singular Plural
research research

Research as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. His research on climate change was groundbreaking.
  2. The research presented a new perspective on the topic.
  3. She spent years conducting extensive research for her thesis.
  4. The professor’s research contributed to the scientific community.
  5. The research uncovered significant findings.
  6. The research project required a large budget.
  7. The student presented his research at the conference.
  8. The research involved a diverse group of participants.
  9. The research paper was published in a prestigious journal.
  10. The research supported the hypothesis with strong evidence.

Research as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They conducted multiple research on different subjects.
  2. The team collaborated on various research to expand their knowledge.
  3. The scientists shared their recent research with the community.
  4. The university supported multiple ongoing research.
  5. The research examined the effects of different factors.
  6. They published several groundbreaking research in reputable journals.
  7. The conference featured presentations on diverse research.
  8. The research contributed to the understanding of the topic.
  9. The students presented their group research to the class.
  10. The organization funded innovative research in the field.

Singular Possessive of Research 

The singular possessive form of “Research” is “Research’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Research:

  1. The research’s findings will be published in a journal.
  2. I am analyzing Research’s methodology and data.
  3. The success of the project depends on Research’s accuracy.
  4. We need to incorporate Research’s recommendations into our strategy.
  5. The professor commended Research’s depth and thoroughness.
  6. Research’s impact on the field cannot be ignored.
  7. The team presented Research’s results at the conference.
  8. We should build upon Research’s insights to drive innovation.
  9. Research’s implications have far-reaching consequences.
  10. Research’s value lies in its applicability to real-world scenarios.

Plural Possessive of Research 

The plural possessive form of “Research” is “Research'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Research:

  1. The reports include various Researches’ perspectives.
  2. The team is analyzing multiple Researches’ methodologies.
  3. We need to compare and contrast different Researches’ findings.
  4. The success of the project relies on incorporating Researches’ insights.
  5. The scholars acknowledged the contribution of the Researches’ studies.
  6. Researches’ impact on the field is substantial.
  7. The conference featured presentations on various Researches’ results.
  8. We should collaborate with different Researches’ teams.
  9. The implications of the Researches’ work are significant.
  10. Researches’ value lies in their collective contribution to knowledge.

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