Scarf Plural, What is the Plural of Scarf?

Meaning of Scarf

The meaning of Scarf is a length or square of fabric worn around the neck or head.

Plural of Scarf

Singular Plural
Scarf Scarves

Synonyms of Scarf

  • bandanna
  • shawl
  • stole
  • ascot
  • boa
  • kerchief
  • neckwear
  • wrapping

Scarf as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wrapped the warm scarf around her neck.
  2. The colorful scarf added a touch of elegance to her outfit.
  3. The soft cashmere scarf kept her cozy in the cold weather.
  4. The silk scarf flowed gracefully in the wind.
  5. The knitted scarf was a thoughtful gift from her grandmother.
  6. She tied the scarf in a fashionable knot.
  7. The patterned scarf complemented her winter coat.
  8. The lightweight scarf was perfect for the spring season.
  9. She used the scarf to shield herself from the sun.
  10. The embroidered scarf was a work of art.

Scarf as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She purchased two beautiful scarves to match her wardrobe.
  2. The boutique offered a wide variety of stylish scarves.
  3. She wrapped the colorful scarves around her neck.
  4. The cashmere scarves were on sale at the department store.
  5. The fashion show featured models wearing luxurious scarves.
  6. She received a set of silk scarves as a birthday present.
  7. The knitted scarves kept them warm during their winter hike.
  8. The printed scarves were a hit among fashion enthusiasts.
  9. The trendy scarves were the highlight of the collection.
  10. She donated several warm scarves to the homeless shelter.

Singular Possessive of Scarf

The singular possessive form of “Scarf” is “Scarf’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Scarf:

  1. I found scarf’s end tangled in the drawer.
  2. She admired scarf’s pattern in the mirror.
  3. Scarf’s color matched her outfit perfectly.
  4. I borrowed scarf’s warmth on a cold day.
  5. He wrapped scarf’s softness around his neck.
  6. Scarf’s fringe swayed in the breeze.
  7. I noticed scarf’s tag still attached.
  8. The cat played with scarf’s loose thread.
  9. Scarf’s material was silky to the touch.
  10. She knitted scarf’s intricate design.

Plural Possessive of Scarf

The plural possessive form of “Scarf” is “Scarves'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Scarf:

  1. I lost one of scarves’ tassels.
  2. They admired the colors of scarves’ patterns.
  3. The pile of scarves’ warmth was inviting.
  4. We wrapped scarves’ softness around our necks.
  5. The fringes of scarves’ danced in the wind.
  6. They examined the tags on scarves’ edges.
  7. The cats played with scarves’ dangling ends.
  8. I bought several of scarves’ different styles.
  9. Scarves’ materials ranged from wool to silk.
  10. The knitter displayed her collection of scarves’.

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