Roof Plural, What is the Plural of Roof?

Meaning of Roof

The meaning of Roof is the structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle.

Plural of Roof

Singular Plural
Roof Roofs

Synonyms of Roof

  • ceiling
  • house
  • canopy
  • covering
  • crown
  • cupola
  • dome
  • gable
  • gambrel
  • palate
  • parapet
  • rafter
  • shelter
  • slate
  • summit
  • truss

Roof as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The raindrops fell on the rooftop.
  2. He climbed onto the roof to fix the antenna.
  3. The cat sat on the roof and watched the birds.
  4. The construction workers repaired the damaged roof.
  5. The snow covered the entire roof during the winter storm.
  6. The sun shone brightly on the tiled roof.
  7. The chimney protruded from the roof of the house.
  8. They installed solar panels on the roof for energy efficiency.
  9. The view from the rooftop was breathtaking.
  10. The rooftop garden was filled with colorful flowers.

Roof as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The roofs of the houses were painted red.
  2. The rainwater cascaded down the sloping roofs.
  3. The workers inspected the damaged roofs after the storm.
  4. The chimneys rose above the neighboring roofs.
  5. They installed new shingles on the old roofs.
  6. The snow melted and dripped from the roofs.
  7. The cityscape was dotted with glistening roofs.
  8. They used drones to survey the condition of the roofs.
  9. The roofs of the skyscrapers touched the clouds.
  10. The rooftops offered a panoramic view of the city.

Singular Possessive of Roof

The singular possessive form of “Roof” is “Roof’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Roof:

  1. The roof’s edge was covered in snow.
  2. Please fix the roof’s leaky shingles.
  3. The color of the roof’s tiles is fading.
  4. We need to clean the roof’s gutters.
  5. The wind tore off the roof’s shingles.
  6. The architect admired the roof’s unique design.
  7. The weight of the snow damaged the roof’s structure.
  8. They painted the roof’s wooden beams.
  9. The contractor inspected the roof’s insulation.
  10. The sun’s heat made the roof’s surface hot.

Plural Possessive of Roof

The plural possessive form of “Roof” is “Roofs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Roof:

  1. The roofs’ chimneys were adorned with ornaments.
  2. The wind damaged the roofs’ shingles.
  3. They inspected the roofs’ drainage system.
  4. The storm blew off the roofs’ tiles.
  5. The workers repaired the roofs’ damaged sections.
  6. The architects designed the roofs’ solar panels.
  7. The snow melted off the roofs’ surfaces.
  8. The birds built their nests on the roofs’ edges.
  9. They painted the roofs’ metal supports.
  10. The rainwater collected in the roofs’ gutters.

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