Cliff Plural, What is the Plural of Cliff?

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Meaning of Cliff

The meaning of Cliff is a steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea.

Plural of Cliff

Singular Plural
Cliff Cliffs

Synonyms of Cliff

  • bluff
  • crag
  • precipice
  • wall
  • escarpment
  • face
  • scar
  • scarp
  • rock face

Cliff as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down.
  2. The hiker slipped and almost fell off the cliff.
  3. The birds nested on the ledge of the cliff.
  4. The brave climber scaled the treacherous cliff.
  5. The stormy waves crashed against the base of the cliff.
  6. She gazed at the breathtaking view from the cliff.
  7. The photographer captured a stunning sunset over the cliff.
  8. The hiker admired the sheer drop of the cliff.
  9. The adventurer rappelled down the side of the cliff.
  10. The sign warned visitors of the dangerous cliff.

Cliff as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The climbers navigated the rugged cliffs.
  2. The eagles nested on the towering cliffs.
  3. The painters captured the majestic beauty of the cliffs.
  4. They hiked along the steep cliffs overlooking the ocean.
  5. The goats leaped effortlessly between the rocky cliffs.
  6. The adventurers explored the hidden caves within the cliffs.
  7. The geologists studied the formation of the ancient cliffs.
  8. The tour guide pointed out the different types of cliffs.
  9. The hikers took a break and sat on the edge of the cliffs.
  10. The photographers captured stunning aerial shots of the cliffs.

Singular Possessive of Cliff

The singular possessive form of “Cliff” is “Cliff’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cliff:

  1. The climber clung to the edge of the cliff’s precipice.
  2. The eagle perched on the cliff’s rugged peak.
  3. The photographer captured the sunset from the cliff’s edge.
  4. The poet found inspiration in the cliff’s majestic height.
  5. The geologist studied the layers of rock on the cliff’s face.
  6. The artist sketched the cliff’s dramatic silhouette against the sky.
  7. The tourists admired the cliff’s breathtaking view of the ocean.
  8. The archaeologist discovered ancient artifacts near the cliff’s base.
  9. The hiker cautiously descended the cliff’s steep slope.
  10. The bird built its nest in a crevice on the cliff’s side.

Plural Possessive of Cliff

The plural possessive form of “Cliff” is “Cliffs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cliff:

  1. The climbers scaled the cliffs’ vertical walls with skill.
  2. The erosion caused cracks in the cliffs’ limestone surface.
  3. The sailors navigated their ships around the treacherous cliffs’ shoreline.
  4. The painters captured the vibrant colors of the cliffs’ rugged terrain.
  5. The hikers explored the hidden caves within the cliffs’ intricate network.
  6. The tourists admired the grandeur of the cliffs’ towering height.
  7. The photographers captured the dramatic shadows cast by the cliffs’ overhangs.
  8. The mountaineers planned their ascent along the cliffs’ jagged edges.
  9. The birds nested in the crevices of the cliffs’ rocky ledges.
  10. The nature enthusiasts marveled at the diverse wildlife living near the cliffs’ ecosystems.

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