Learn 30 Phrases Related to Snack Breaks

Snack breaks are a common part of our daily routine, offering a brief respite and a chance to refuel. Here are 30 useful idioms and phrasal verbs related to snack breaks, complete with short meanings and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively.

1. Take a bite

Meaning: Eat a little
Example: I’ll take a bite of that apple.

2. Grab a snack

Meaning: Get something to eat
Example: Let’s grab a snack before the meeting.

3. Munch on

Meaning: Eat something slowly
Example: She loves to munch on carrots.

4. Nibble away

Meaning: Eat in small bites
Example: He nibbled away at his sandwich.

5. Wolf down

Meaning: Eat quickly
Example: He wolfed down his lunch in minutes.

6. Snack on

Meaning: Eat a small amount
Example: I like to snack on almonds.

7. Dig in

Meaning: Start eating
Example: Everyone, dig in before the food gets cold.

8. Chow down

Meaning: Eat enthusiastically
Example: Let’s chow down before the game starts.

9. Pig out

Meaning: Eat too much
Example: We pigged out on pizza last night.

10. Nosh on

Meaning: Eat a little
Example: I’m going to nosh on some chips.

11. Have a nibble

Meaning: Eat a bit
Example: Would you like to have a nibble of my sandwich?

12. Bite into

Meaning: Start eating
Example: She bit into the juicy peach.

13. Graze on

Meaning: Eat little by little
Example: I graze on fruit throughout the day.

14. Gobble up

Meaning: Eat quickly
Example: The kids gobbled up the cookies.

15. Snack break

Meaning: Short eating pause
Example: Let’s take a snack break at 3 PM.

16. Polish off

Meaning: Finish eating
Example: They polished off the entire cake.

17. Pop into mouth

Meaning: Eat quickly
Example: She popped a grape into her mouth.

18. Break for a snack

Meaning: Pause to eat
Example: We’ll break for a snack soon.

19. Chow down on

Meaning: Eat enthusiastically
Example: He chowed down on the burger.

20. Cut into

Meaning: Start eating
Example: She cut into the pie eagerly.

21. Savor the flavor

Meaning: Enjoy taste slowly
Example: He savored the flavor of the chocolate.

22. Grab a bite

Meaning: Eat quickly
Example: Let’s grab a bite before class.

23. Munch away

Meaning: Eat continuously
Example: They munched away during the movie.

24. Take a breather

Meaning: Short rest
Example: Take a breather and enjoy a snack.

25. Snack on the go

Meaning: Eat while moving
Example: I often snack on the go during busy days.

26. Whip up a snack

Meaning: Make quickly
Example: She whipped up a snack in no time.

27. Nibble at

Meaning: Eat a little
Example: She nibbled at her cheese stick.

28. Tuck into

Meaning: Start eating
Example: Everyone tucked into the feast.

29. Grab a quick bite

Meaning: Eat rapidly
Example: I need to grab a quick bite before work.

30. Eat on the run

Meaning: Eat while busy
Example: He often eats on the run between meetings.

Phrases Related to Snack Breaks