Learn 30 Phrases Related to Study Hard

Studying hard requires dedication and motivation, and using the right phrases can make a big difference in your approach. Here are 30 idioms and phrasal verbs related to studying hard, each with a short meaning and an example sentence to help you understand how to use them in context.

1. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Study late night
Example: She burned the midnight oil for her exams.

2. Hit the books

Meaning: Study intensely
Example: I need to hit the books for the finals.

3. Pull an all-nighter

Meaning: Study all night
Example: He pulled an all-nighter to finish his project.

4. Cram for an exam

Meaning: Study intensely before
Example: She crammed for the history exam last night.

5. Brush up on

Meaning: Review material
Example: I need to brush up on my math skills.

6. Keep at it

Meaning: Continue studying
Example: You have to keep at it to succeed.

7. Buckle down

Meaning: Focus on work
Example: It’s time to buckle down and study.

8. Bone up on

Meaning: Learn intensively
Example: He boned up on physics for the test.

9. Swot up

Meaning: Study hard
Example: She needs to swot up on her chemistry.

10. Read up on

Meaning: Study a topic
Example: I will read up on biology this weekend.

11. Put one’s nose to the grindstone

Meaning: Work hard
Example: He put his nose to the grindstone for his finals.

12. Hit the sack

Meaning: Go to bed
Example: After studying, I hit the sack early.

13. Hit the hay

Meaning: Sleep
Example: She hit the hay after finishing her essay.

14. Dive into

Meaning: Start studying
Example: I need to dive into my history homework.

15. Power through

Meaning: Continue despite difficulty
Example: He powered through his assignments all night.

16. Get down to

Meaning: Start working
Example: Let’s get down to studying for the test.

17. Grind away

Meaning: Work hard continuously
Example: He grinds away at his studies every day.

18. Crack the books

Meaning: Open and study books
Example: She needs to crack the books for her exam.

19. Mug up

Meaning: Study quickly
Example: He had to mug up on his vocabulary list.

20. Drill into

Meaning: Study in detail
Example: The teacher drilled the formulas into us.

21. Hunker down

Meaning: Stay and study
Example: They hunkered down in the library all day.

22. Tear into

Meaning: Start studying eagerly
Example: She tore into her new textbook.

23. Work one’s fingers to the bone

Meaning: Work very hard
Example: He worked his fingers to the bone for his thesis.

24. Get on with

Meaning: Continue studying
Example: Let’s get on with our group project.

25. Plough through

Meaning: Study persistently
Example: She ploughed through her reading assignments.

26. Knuckle down

Meaning: Start working hard
Example: It’s time to knuckle down and prepare.

27. Flog through

Meaning: Study despite difficulties
Example: He flogged through his homework until midnight.

28. Read over

Meaning: Review material
Example: She read over her notes before the exam.

29. Go over

Meaning: Review carefully
Example: We need to go over the chapter again.

30. Stick to it

Meaning: Continue persistently
Example: If you stick to it, you’ll do well.

Phrases Related to Study Hard