Learn 30 Phrases Related to Evening Plans

Planning your evening can be fun and exciting, especially when you know the right phrases. Here are 30 idioms and phrasal verbs related to evening plans to help you communicate better and enjoy your nights out.

1. Hit the town

Meaning: Go out socially
Example: We’re hitting the town tonight!

2. Paint the town red

Meaning: Celebrate wildly
Example: Let’s paint the town red tonight!

3. Catch up

Meaning: Reconnect with someone
Example: Let’s catch up over dinner.

4. Hang out

Meaning: Spend time casually
Example: Do you want to hang out tonight?

5. Chill out

Meaning: Relax and unwind
Example: Let’s chill out at my place.

6. Grab a bite

Meaning: Eat something quickly
Example: Let’s grab a bite before the movie.

7. Wind down

Meaning: Relax after activity
Example: I need to wind down after work.

8. Kick back

Meaning: Relax comfortably
Example: Let’s kick back and watch a movie.

9. Stay in

Meaning: Remain at home
Example: I think I’ll stay in tonight.

10. Go out

Meaning: Leave home for social activity
Example: Do you want to go out tonight?

11. Turn in

Meaning: Go to bed
Example: I’m turning in early tonight.

12. Get together

Meaning: Meet socially
Example: Let’s get together for dinner.

13. Go for a walk

Meaning: Take a leisurely walk
Example: Let’s go for a walk after dinner.

14. Pop over

Meaning: Visit briefly
Example: I’ll pop over later.

15. Drop by

Meaning: Visit informally
Example: Can I drop by this evening?

16. Swing by

Meaning: Make a brief visit
Example: I’ll swing by after work.

17. Stop by

Meaning: Visit briefly
Example: I’ll stop by tonight.

18. Come over

Meaning: Visit someone’s home
Example: Do you want to come over tonight?

19. Take in a movie

Meaning: Watch a movie
Example: Let’s take in a movie tonight.

20. Meet up

Meaning: Gather together
Example: We can meet up at the park.

21. Go out for drinks

Meaning: Socialize over drinks
Example: Do you want to go out for drinks?

22. Check out

Meaning: Explore a place
Example: Let’s check out the new bar.

23. Go for a drive

Meaning: Drive around leisurely
Example: Let’s go for a drive tonight.

24. Have a nightcap

Meaning: Drink before bed
Example: Let’s have a nightcap at my place.

25. Eat out

Meaning: Dine at a restaurant
Example: Do you want to eat out tonight?

26. Light up the night

Meaning: Have a lively evening
Example: We’re going to light up the night!

27. Call it a night

Meaning: End the evening
Example: I think it’s time to call it a night.

28. Stay up late

Meaning: Remain awake late
Example: Let’s stay up late and chat.

29. Dance the night away

Meaning: Dance for hours
Example: We danced the night away!

30. Go for a nightcap

Meaning: Have a final drink
Example: Let’s go for a nightcap.

Phrases Related to Evening Plans