20 Essential Phrases about Lunch Break

Lunch break is not just a time to eat; it’s a cherished pause in the hustle of the workday, a moment to recharge, and sometimes, a topic of casual workplace conversation. Whether you’re discussing plans, inviting colleagues, or simply enjoying your meal, knowing the right phrases can make your lunch break interactions smoother and more enjoyable. Here are 20 handy phrases related to lunch breaks, each with a succinct meaning and an example to help you use them effectively in everyday conversations.

Phrases about Lunch Break

1. Grab a bite

Meaning: Go eat something, usually quickly.

Example: Let’s grab a bite; I’m starving!

2. Out to lunch

Meaning: Not present, unavailable, sometimes not paying attention.

Example: He’s out to lunch; can I take a message?

3. Lunch is on me

Meaning: I will pay for lunch.

Example: Thanks for your help this morning—lunch is on me today.

4. Power lunch

Meaning: A working lunch, often to discuss business matters.

Example: We scheduled a power lunch to finalize the deal.

5. Brown bag it

Meaning: Bring a packed lunch from home.

Example: I’m saving money, so I’ll brown bag it this week.

6. Lunch hour

Meaning: The usual hour break for lunch.

Example: Can we meet during your lunch hour tomorrow?

7. Take a lunch break

Meaning: Go on your scheduled break to eat lunch.

Example: You look stressed, take a lunch break.

8. What’s for lunch?

Meaning: Asking about the lunch menu or plans.

Example: What’s for lunch? I forgot to pack mine.

9. Skip lunch

Meaning: Not have lunch.

Example: I have to skip lunch to finish this report.

10. Let’s do lunch

Meaning: Suggesting to meet for lunch.

Example: Let’s do lunch and catch up next week.

11. Lunch crowd

Meaning: The group of people who eat lunch at the same time.

Example: The café is packed with the lunch crowd.

12. Make it a quick lunch

Meaning: Have a brief lunch.

Example: I have a meeting soon, let’s make it a quick lunch.

13. Lunch special

Meaning: A meal offered at a reduced price usually during lunchtime.

Example: The lunch special today is spaghetti.

14. Lunch meeting

Meaning: A meeting held during lunch.

Example: We need to have a lunch meeting to discuss the project.

15. Lunch date

Meaning: A social appointment for lunch.

Example: I have a lunch date with an old friend.

16. Extend lunch

Meaning: Take a longer lunch break than usual.

Example: Can we extend lunch? I’m not done eating.

17. Cut lunch short

Meaning: End lunch earlier than planned.

Example: Sorry, I have to cut lunch short, something came up.

18. Working through lunch

Meaning: Continue to work during the lunch break.

Example: We’re working through lunch to meet the deadline.

19. Pack your lunch

Meaning: Prepare and bring your lunch from home.

Example: I packed my lunch today—homemade salad!

20. Business lunch

Meaning: A lunch focused on business discussions.

Example: We have a business lunch with the clients tomorrow.

Phrases about Lunch Break