Learn 30 Phrases Related to Work Schedule

Managing a work schedule effectively requires understanding various phrases and idioms that relate to time management, deadlines, and productivity. This blog post will help you learn 30 essential phrases related to work schedules, making it easier for you to communicate and organize your tasks efficiently.

1. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Work late
Example: She often burns the midnight oil.

2. On the clock

Meaning: Working hours
Example: I’m on the clock until 5 PM.

3. Clock in

Meaning: Start work
Example: I usually clock in at 9 AM.

4. Clock out

Meaning: Finish work
Example: We clock out at 6 PM.

5. Call it a day

Meaning: Finish work
Example: Let’s call it a day now.

6. Pull an all-nighter

Meaning: Stay up working
Example: He pulled an all-nighter for the project.

7. Get the ball rolling

Meaning: Start a task
Example: Let’s get the ball rolling on this.

8. Beat the clock

Meaning: Finish before deadline
Example: We need to beat the clock.

9. Behind schedule

Meaning: Late
Example: The project is behind schedule.

10. Catch up on work

Meaning: Complete pending tasks
Example: I need to catch up on work.

11. Work around the clock

Meaning: Work nonstop
Example: They worked around the clock to finish.

12. Ahead of schedule

Meaning: Early
Example: We are ahead of schedule.

13. Put in overtime

Meaning: Work extra hours
Example: I’ll put in overtime this week.

14. Take a break

Meaning: Pause work
Example: Let’s take a break now.

15. Keep track of time

Meaning: Monitor time
Example: Keep track of time for this task.

16. Run out of time

Meaning: No more time
Example: We ran out of time yesterday.

17. Get back to work

Meaning: Resume work
Example: Let’s get back to work.

18. Fall behind

Meaning: Lag in progress
Example: Don’t fall behind on your tasks.

19. Meet a deadline

Meaning: Finish on time
Example: We must meet the deadline.

20. Knock off

Meaning: Finish work
Example: Let’s knock off at 5 PM.

21. Plan ahead

Meaning: Prepare in advance
Example: It’s important to plan ahead.

22. Get off work

Meaning: Leave work
Example: I get off work at 6 PM.

23. Take time off

Meaning: Leave work temporarily
Example: She took time off last week.

24. Work from home

Meaning: Remote work
Example: I work from home on Fridays.

25. Punch in

Meaning: Start work
Example: He punched in early today.

26. Punch out

Meaning: Finish work
Example: She punched out at 5 PM.

27. Make up for lost time

Meaning: Compensate delay
Example: We need to make up for lost time.

28. Stay on top of things

Meaning: Stay updated
Example: Stay on top of things at work.

29. Call in sick

Meaning: Report illness
Example: He called in sick today.

30. Work like a dog

Meaning: Work hard
Example: She works like a dog every day.

Phrases Related to Work Schedule