Learn 30 Phrases Related to Night Shifts

Working night shifts can be challenging, but using the right phrases can make communication easier. Whether you’re discussing the hours, the work, or the experience, these idioms and phrasal verbs will help you express yourself clearly and effectively.

1. Burn the Midnight Oil

Meaning: Work late.

Example: She’s burning the midnight oil again.

2. Graveyard Shift

Meaning: Overnight work shift.

Example: He hates working the graveyard shift.

3. Night Owl

Meaning: Someone active at night.

Example: He’s a real night owl.

4. Pull an All-Nighter

Meaning: Stay up all night working.

Example: I had to pull an all-nighter.

5. Up All Night

Meaning: Awake all night.

Example: We were up all night working.

6. Work Around the Clock

Meaning: Work nonstop.

Example: We’re working around the clock.

7. Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Meaning: Working day and night.

Example: She’s burning the candle at both ends.

8. Late-Night Shift

Meaning: Work shift at night.

Example: He has a late-night shift today.

9. Night Shift

Meaning: Work shift during night.

Example: She prefers the night shift.

10. Night Duty

Meaning: Working at night.

Example: He’s on night duty this week.

11. On the Night Shift

Meaning: Assigned night work.

Example: She’s on the night shift.

12. Midnight Run

Meaning: Working past midnight.

Example: We’re on a midnight run.

13. Hit the Sack

Meaning: Go to bed.

Example: I hit the sack at 7 AM.

14. Catch Some Z’s

Meaning: Get some sleep.

Example: I’ll catch some Z’s soon.

15. Break of Dawn

Meaning: Early morning.

Example: We finished at the break of dawn.

16. Night Watch

Meaning: Monitoring at night.

Example: He’s on the night watch.

17. Early Morning Shift

Meaning: Shift starting early.

Example: She has an early morning shift.

18. Pull a Night Shift

Meaning: Work night hours.

Example: I pulled a night shift yesterday.

19. Red-Eye Shift

Meaning: Overnight work hours.

Example: He has the red-eye shift.

20. Up with the Owls

Meaning: Awake late at night.

Example: I’m up with the owls tonight.

21. Through the Night

Meaning: All night long.

Example: We worked through the night.

22. Dead of Night

Meaning: Late at night.

Example: It was the dead of night.

23. After Hours

Meaning: Beyond normal working hours.

Example: We’re working after hours.

24. Moonlight

Meaning: Work a second job at night.

Example: He moonlights as a driver.

25. Night Shift Blues

Meaning: Feeling tired from night work.

Example: She’s got the night shift blues.

26. All-Night Job

Meaning: Work lasting all night.

Example: It was an all-night job.

27. Wee Hours

Meaning: Very early hours.

Example: We finished in the wee hours.

28. Night Grind

Meaning: Hard night work.

Example: He’s on the night grind.

29. Midnight Hustle

Meaning: Working hard at night.

Example: She’s doing the midnight hustle.

30. Round-the-Clock

Meaning: Continuous work.

Example: We’re on round-the-clock duty.

Phrases Related to Night Shifts