Learn 30 Phrases Related to Holiday Arrangements

Planning a holiday can be exciting but also challenging. Knowing the right idioms and phrasal verbs can make arranging your trip smoother. Here are 30 useful phrases to help you with holiday arrangements.

1. Book in Advance

Meaning: Reserve early.
Example: We need to book in advance to get a discount.

2. Check In

Meaning: Register at arrival.
Example: We will check in at the hotel at noon.

3. Check Out

Meaning: Leave a hotel.
Example: We have to check out by 11 AM.

4. Look Forward To

Meaning: Await eagerly.
Example: I look forward to our beach vacation.

5. Plan Ahead

Meaning: Organize in advance.
Example: It’s essential to plan ahead for the trip.

6. Pack Up

Meaning: Gather belongings.
Example: Let’s pack up and get ready to leave.

7. Set Off

Meaning: Begin a journey.
Example: We will set off early in the morning.

8. Touch Down

Meaning: Land (airplane).
Example: Our flight will touch down at 3 PM.

9. Get Away

Meaning: Escape, take a break.
Example: We all need to get away for a while.

10. Take Off

Meaning: Depart (airplane).
Example: The plane will take off in an hour.

11. Stop Over

Meaning: Temporary stay.
Example: We have a stop over in Paris.

12. Sort Out

Meaning: Organize, resolve.
Example: Let’s sort out our travel documents.

13. Get Around

Meaning: Travel within an area.
Example: It’s easy to get around the city by bus.

14. Check Up On

Meaning: Verify.
Example: Check up on the hotel reviews before booking.

15. Drop Off

Meaning: Deliver, leave.
Example: Can you drop off the luggage at the hotel?

16. Pick Up

Meaning: Collect, retrieve.
Example: We will pick up the rental car at the airport.

17. Look After

Meaning: Take care of.
Example: Who will look after our pets while we’re away?

18. Find Out

Meaning: Discover, learn.
Example: Find out the best places to visit in Rome.

19. Run Out Of

Meaning: Exhaust supply.
Example: We must not run out of travel essentials.

20. Hold Up

Meaning: Delay.
Example: A traffic jam held us up.

21. Set Up

Meaning: Arrange, establish.
Example: Let’s set up our travel itinerary.

22. Show Up

Meaning: Arrive, appear.
Example: Please show up on time for the tour.

23. Take In

Meaning: Absorb, visit.
Example: We will take in all the sights of the city.

24. Break Down

Meaning: Stop functioning.
Example: Our car might break down on the way.

25. Cut Back

Meaning: Reduce.
Example: We need to cut back on our luggage.

26. Get In

Meaning: Arrive.
Example: We get in to London at 6 PM.

27. Look Up

Meaning: Search for information.
Example: Look up the train schedule online.

28. Turn Up

Meaning: Appear unexpectedly.
Example: A friend might turn up during our trip.

29. Check Out Of

Meaning: Leave accommodation.
Example: We check out of the hotel on Friday.

30. Take Up

Meaning: Begin (activity).
Example: She decided to take up scuba diving on vacation.

Phrases Related to Holiday Arrangements