Learn 30 Phrases Related to Weekend Activities

Weekends are a time to relax, explore, and enjoy various activities. Knowing common idioms and phrasal verbs related to weekend activities can help you communicate more naturally and understand native speakers better. Here are 30 useful phrases to enhance your weekend conversations.

1. Hit the road

Meaning: Start a journey
Example: Let’s hit the road early tomorrow.

2. Chill out

Meaning: Relax
Example: I love to chill out on weekends.

3. Catch up on

Meaning: Do something missed
Example: I’ll catch up on my reading.

4. Hang out

Meaning: Spend time socially
Example: Let’s hang out at the park.

5. Wind down

Meaning: Relax after stress
Example: I need to wind down after a busy week.

6. Eat out

Meaning: Dine at a restaurant
Example: We should eat out this Saturday.

7. Get away

Meaning: Go on a trip
Example: We plan to get away for the weekend.

8. Sleep in

Meaning: Wake up late
Example: I love to sleep in on Sundays.

9. Work out

Meaning: Exercise
Example: I work out every Saturday morning.

10. Catch a movie

Meaning: Watch a film
Example: Let’s catch a movie tonight.

11. Kick back

Meaning: Relax
Example: I just want to kick back and relax.

12. Hit the town

Meaning: Go out for entertainment
Example: We’re hitting the town tonight.

13. Have a blast

Meaning: Enjoy greatly
Example: We had a blast at the concert.

14. Take it easy

Meaning: Relax
Example: I’ll just take it easy this weekend.

15. Go for a stroll

Meaning: Take a walk
Example: We went for a stroll in the park.

16. Fire up the grill

Meaning: Barbecue
Example: Let’s fire up the grill on Sunday.

17. Hit the gym

Meaning: Go to the gym
Example: I hit the gym every Saturday.

18. Pack a picnic

Meaning: Prepare a picnic
Example: We packed a picnic for the park.

19. Hit the shops

Meaning: Go shopping
Example: I hit the shops for weekend deals.

20. Take a dip

Meaning: Swim
Example: We took a dip in the pool.

21. Hit the beach

Meaning: Go to the beach
Example: We’re hitting the beach tomorrow.

22. Go for a drive

Meaning: Take a drive
Example: We went for a drive in the countryside.

23. Have friends over

Meaning: Invite friends home
Example: We had friends over for dinner.

24. Catch some rays

Meaning: Sunbathe
Example: I love to catch some rays at the beach.

25. Go clubbing

Meaning: Visit clubs
Example: We went clubbing last Saturday.

26. Watch a game

Meaning: View sports
Example: Let’s watch a game this weekend.

27. Hit the sack

Meaning: Go to bed
Example: I hit the sack early last night.

28. Have a barbecue

Meaning: Cook outdoors
Example: We’re having a barbecue on Saturday.

29. Go hiking

Meaning: Walk in nature
Example: We went hiking in the mountains.

30. Throw a party

Meaning: Host a party
Example: We threw a party for my birthday.

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