Minimum Plural, What is the Plural of Minimum?

Meaning: smallest amount or quantity possible

Singular and Plural of Minimum

Singular Plural
minimum Minima/minimum

Minimum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The minimum requirement for admission is a high school diploma.
  2. She only needs a minimum amount of sleep to function.
  3. The hotel stay requires a minimum of two nights.
  4. He set a minimum goal of exercising for 30 minutes daily.
  5. The job posting listed a minimum of five years of experience.
  6. The temperature dropped to the minimum level recorded this winter.
  7. The car rental company has a minimum age requirement of 25.
  8. The restaurant enforces a minimum spending limit on weekends.
  9. The airline’s baggage policy states a minimum weight limit.
  10. The project deadline was extended by one week, but not a minimum longer.

Minimum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children were given the minimums of food and shelter.
  2. The workers demanded higher minimums wages.
  3. The athletes strived to achieve their personal minimums.
  4. The team was able to meet the sales minimums for the quarter.
  5. The company set ambitious production minimums for the month.
  6. The hikers packed enough supplies to meet their minimums.
  7. The government implemented stricter safety minimums for construction sites.
  8. The restaurant struggled to maintain profit margins with rising ingredient minimums.
  9. The marathon had strict time minimums for qualification.
  10. The students were disappointed when their test scores fell below the class minimums.

Singular Possessive of Minimum 

The singular possessive form of “Minimum” is “Minimum’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Minimum:

  1. The success of the project is due to Minimum’s careful planning.
  2. Minimum’s effort in the task is commendable.
  3. The responsibility for the outcome lies with Minimum’s decision.
  4. Minimum’s contribution to the team was crucial for success.
  5. The improvement in performance is a result of Minimum’s guidance.
  6. Minimum’s attention to detail ensures accuracy and precision.
  7. The completion of the task is within Minimum’s capability.
  8. Minimum’s commitment to excellence sets a high standard.
  9. The success of the mission is dependent on Minimum’s leadership.
  10. Minimum’s achievement is an inspiration to others.

Plural Possessive of Minimum 

The plural possessive form of “Minimum” is “Minimums'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Minimum:

  1. The guidelines cater to Minimums’ needs and preferences.
  2. The expectations of Minimums’ clients must be met.
  3. The challenges faced by Minimums’ employees require attention.
  4. The demands of Minimums’ customers must be understood.
  5. Minimums’ efforts in improving efficiency are commendable.
  6. The focus should be on Minimums’ long-term sustainability.
  7. The success of the organization depends on Minimums’ teamwork.
  8. The goals of Minimums’ projects should be clear and measurable.
  9. The potential risks must be mitigated for Minimums’ safety.
  10. The growth of Minimums’ market share requires strategic planning.

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