Letter Plural, What is the plural of Letter?

Meaning: a character representing one or more of the sounds used in speech.

Plural of Letter

Singular Plural
Letter Letters

Letter as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She received a heartfelt love letter from her partner.
  2. He sent a formal business letter to the client.
  3. The postman delivered an important letter.
  4. The writer composed a personal apology letter.
  5. The child wrote a persuasive persuasive letter for class.
  6. The lawyer drafted a legal demand letter.
  7. She sealed the confidential letter in an envelope.
  8. The soldier received a morale-boosting letter from home.
  9. The teacher graded the students’ persuasive letter
  10. The editor proofread the author’s final letter.

Letter as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She received heartfelt love letters from her admirers.
  2. He sent formal business letters to all the clients.
  3. The postman delivered a stack of important letters.
  4. The writers composed personal apology letters.
  5. The children wrote persuasive persuasive letters for class.
  6. The lawyers drafted legal demand letters for their clients.
  7. She sealed the confidential letters in individual envelopes.
  8. The soldiers received morale-boosting letters from home.
  9. The teachers graded the students’ persuasive letters.

Singular Possessive of Letter

The singular possessive form of “Letter” is “Letter’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Letter:

  1. The contents of the envelope were letter’s secret.
  2. The signature at the end was letter’s name.
  3. The sender’s address was on letter’s top right corner.
  4. The message conveyed in letter’s words was heartfelt.
  5. The tone of the letter reflected letter’s emotions.
  6. The handwriting on letter’s pages was elegant.
  7. The response to the invitation was in letter’s mail.
  8. The letterhead displayed letter’s company logo.
  9. The recipient cherished letter’s thoughtful words.
  10. The stamps affixed to letter’s envelope were rare.

Plural Possessive of Letter

The plural possessive form of “Letter” is “Letters'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Letter:

  1. The letters’ addresses were handwritten carefully.
  2. The emotions expressed in the letters’ content were diverse.
  3. The dates on the letters’ envelopes varied.
  4. The paragraphs in the letters’ body were well-structured.
  5. The signatures at the bottom of the letters’ pages were authentic.
  6. The opening lines of the letters’ greetings were friendly.
  7. The subjects of the letters’ were related to current events.
  8. The replies to the letters’ inquiries were prompt.
  9. The recipients of the letters’ responses were satisfied.
  10. The attachments included with the letters’ were important.

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