Taxi Plural, What is the Plural of Taxi?

Meaning: a motor vehicle licensed to transport passengers

Plural of Taxi

Singular Plural
taxi taxis

 Synonyms of Taxi

  • tourist car
  • taxicab
  • jitney
  • hackney
  • hack
  • carriage

Taxi as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I hailed a taxi to go to the airport.
  2. The taxi driver took the quickest route.
  3. She left her phone in the backseat of the taxi.
  4. The taxi arrived promptly after the call.
  5. I prefer taking a taxi when it’s raining.
  6. The taxi meter showed the fare amount.
  7. The taxi stopped at the traffic light.
  8. The taxi company offers a mobile app for bookings.
  9. The taxi honked to get the pedestrian’s attention.
  10. The taxi had a sign indicating it was available.

Taxi as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The busy city streets were filled with yellow taxis.
  2. The tourists hailed multiple taxis for their group.
  3. The queue for taxis at the train station was long.
  4. They traveled in separate taxis to the venue.
  5. The app showed the locations of nearby available taxis.
  6. The taxis lined up outside the hotel entrance.
  7. The city has a shortage of available taxis during rush hour.
  8. The driver parked the fleet of taxis in the designated area.
  9. The company introduced electric-powered taxis for sustainability.
  10. The group split into two to fit into the available taxis.

Singular Possessive of Taxi

The singular possessive form of “Taxi” is “Taxi’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Taxi:

  1. Taxi’s fare depends on the distance traveled.
  2. I hailed a Taxi’s cab to the airport.
  3. Taxi’s availability is essential in busy cities.
  4. The driver’s name was written on Taxi’s license.
  5. I appreciated Taxi’s prompt service.
  6. Taxi’s meter calculated the fare accurately.
  7. I left my phone in Taxi’s backseat.
  8. Taxi’s yellow color is easily recognizable.
  9. The company takes pride in Taxi’s cleanliness and comfort.
  10. I relied on Taxi’s convenience during my trip.

Plural Possessive of Taxi

The plural possessive form of “Taxi” is “Taxis'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Taxi:

  1. Taxis’ availability increases during rush hours.
  2. I prefer using Taxis’ services in crowded areas.
  3. The city has a high demand for Taxis’ transportation.
  4. Taxis’ drivers navigate through traffic efficiently.
  5. I appreciated the cleanliness of Taxis’ interiors.
  6. Taxis’ drivers often share interesting stories.
  7. I found Taxis’ rates to be reasonable.
  8. Taxis’ radios provide entertainment during the ride.
  9. The company takes pride in Taxis’ safety measures.
  10. I relied on multiple Taxis’ to get around the city.

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