Battery Plural, What is the plural of Battery?

Meaning of Battery

a container consisting of one or more cells.

Singular and Plural of Battery

Singular Plural
Battery Batteries

Battery as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The flashlight’s battery died, leaving us in the dark.
  2. The car’s battery needed to be replaced after several years of use.
  3. The wireless mouse required a single AA battery to operate.
  4. The smoke detector’s battery beeped to signal it needed changing.
  5. The smartphone’s battery lasted for an entire day on a full charge.
  6. The remote control’s battery was low, so the channels couldn’t be changed.
  7. The clock stopped ticking because its battery had run out.
  8. The toy robot’s battery provided hours of entertainment for children.
  9. The laptop’s battery drained quickly when running resource-intensive programs.
  10. The electric car’s battery allowed for emission-free driving.

Battery as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store sold various types of batteries for different devices.
  2. The TV remote required two AA batteries to function.
  3. The camera’s rechargeable batteries needed to be replaced after a few years.
  4. The smoke alarms in the house required new batteries every six months.
  5. The toy cars ran on small button cell batteries.
  6. The wireless headphones came with a charging case for the batteries.
  7. The flashlight had a compartment that held four AAA batteries.
  8. The portable game console’s batteries lasted for several hours of gameplay.
  9. The drone’s high-capacity batteries allowed for longer flight times.
  10. The power outage left everyone scrambling to find spare batteries.

Singular Possessive of Battery 

The singular possessive form of “Battery” is “Battery’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Battery:

  1. The power of battery’s charge lasted for hours.
  2. I checked the status of battery’s life indicator.
  3. Can you please replace battery’s cover?
  4. The efficiency of battery’s performance impressed me.
  5. We relied on battery’s energy to power our devices.
  6. The engineers examined battery’s internal components.
  7. I complemented battery’s manufacturer for its reliability.
  8. battery’s voltage remained stable throughout the experiment.
  9. The capacity of battery’s storage met our needs.
  10. battery’s lifespan extended with proper maintenance.

Plural Possessive of Battery 

The plural possessive form of “Battery” is “Batteries'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Battery:

  1. All of the batteries’ charges were depleted after continuous use.
  2. The technicians replaced the batteries’ cells with new ones.
  3. The room was filled with the hum of the batteries’ power.
  4. We marveled at the longevity of the batteries’ performance.
  5. The company tested the reliability of the batteries’ in extreme conditions.
  6. The store stocked various brands of batteries’.
  7. We admired the durability of the batteries’ casing.
  8. The customers purchased the batteries’ based on their energy capacity.
  9. The engineers conducted experiments to optimize the efficiency of the batteries’.
  10. The workshop focused on the development of the next-generation batteries’.

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