Buddy Plural, What is the plural of Buddy?

Meaning of Buddy is

a close friend.

Singular and Plural of Buddy


Buddy as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My loyal buddy is always there for me.
  2. The dog wagged its tail, happy to see its buddy.
  3. The child held hands with their best buddy.
  4. The firefighter relied on their buddy for support.
  5. The soldier trusted their buddy with their life.
  6. The runner had a training session with their running buddy.
  7. The artist shared their latest work with their buddy.
  8. The friends went on a road trip together, singing songs as they drove.
  9. The hiker embarked on an adventure with their hiking buddy.
  10. The detective worked closely with their partner, their crime-solving buddy.

Buddy as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of friends were known as the “Three Buddies.”
  2. The buddies supported each other through thick and thin.
  3. The teammates celebrated their victory together, shouting “Go, Buddies!”
  4. The buddies formed a band and played music together.
  5. The coworkers went out for drinks after work, bonding as buddies.
  6. The buddies organized a surprise party for their friend’s birthday.
  7. The buddies shared secrets and confided in each other.
  8. The classmates formed study groups, becoming academic buddies.
  9. The buddies met every weekend for a game of basketball.
  10. The buddies traveled together, exploring new places and making memories.

Singular Possessive of Buddy

The singular possessive: “Buddy’s”.


  1.   Buddy’s loyalty is unwavering and true.
  2.   Borrowing Buddy’s leash for the walk.
  3.   Buddy’s favorite toy is a squeaky ball.
  4.   Feeding Buddy’s falls on the owner.
  5.   Buddy’s companionship brings comfort and joy.
  6.   Buddy’s obedience training yields positive results.
  7.   Trimming Buddy’s nails is necessary for hygiene.
  8.   Buddy’s presence lights up the room instantly.
  9.   The vet checked Buddy’s health during the visit.
  10. Buddy’s barking alerts us of any danger.

Plural Possessive of Buddy

The plural possessive: “Buddies'”.


  1.   The owners’ buddies’ need daily walks.
  2.   The buddies’ enthusiasm for playtime is infectious.
  3.   New collars for the buddies’ are needed.
  4.   The owners’ love for their buddies’ is evident.
  5.   Buddies’ friendship warms our hearts.
  6.   The buddies’ owners arrange playdates at the park.
  7.   The buddies’ wagging tails show their happiness.
  8.   Grooming involves trimming the buddies’ fur.
  9.   Buddies’ bedtime routine includes cuddling.
  10. The owners’ bond with their buddies’ grows stronger.

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