Counsel Plural, What is the Plural of Counsel?

Meaning: advice, especially that given formally.

Plural of COUNSEL

Singular Plural
Counsel Counsels


  • advice
  • deliberation
  • direction
  • advisement
  • caution
  • consideration
  • consultation

Counsel as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lawyer provided expert counsel to his client.
  2. The therapist offered valuable emotional counsel.
  3. The guidance counselor provided career counsel to students.
  4. The couple sought marriage counsel to resolve their issues.
  5. The mentor provided wise counsel to the young entrepreneur.
  6. The priest offered spiritual counsel to the troubled parishioner.
  7. The expert counsel helped the defendant build a strong case.
  8. The consultant offered strategic business counsel.
  9. The financial advisor provided investment counsel.
  10. The seasoned politician sought political counsel for his campaign.

Counsel as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lawyers provided legal counsels to their clients.
  2. The therapists offered supportive counsels to their patients.
  3. The guidance counselors provided academic and personal counsels.
  4. The couples sought couples’ counsels to improve their relationships.
  5. The mentors offered valuable counsels to their mentees.
  6. The priests provided spiritual counsels to the community.
  7. The team of attorneys provided expert counsels in the courtroom.
  8. The consultants offered professional counsels to their clients.
  9. The financial advisors provided investment and financial counsels.
  10. The experienced politicians sought political counsels for their campaigns.

Singular Possessive of Counsel

The singular possessive form of “Counsel” is “Counsel’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Counsel:

  1. We should seek Counsel’s advice before making a decision.
  2. Counsel’s expertise in legal matters is invaluable.
  3. The report highlights Counsel’s role in resolving the dispute.
  4. We need to respect Counsel’s confidentiality and trust.
  5. Counsel’s guidance ensures compliance with regulations.
  6. The team analyzed Counsel’s recommendations and implications.
  7. We should rely on Counsel’s interpretation of the law.
  8. Counsel’s representation is essential for the client’s defense.
  9. The organization values Counsel’s commitment to ethics.
  10. We must ensure Counsel’s availability during critical negotiations.

Plural Possessive of Counsel

The plural possessive form of “Counsel” is “Counsels'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Counsel:

  1. We should consult the Counsels’ collective expertise for legal advice.
  2. Counsels’ recommendations cover various aspects of the case.
  3. The team analyzed the Counsels’ strategies and arguments.
  4. We need to consider the Counsels’ different perspectives on the matter.
  5. Counsels’ collaboration strengthens the legal defense.
  6. The report highlights the Counsels’ successful track record.
  7. We should acknowledge the Counsels’ contributions to the case.
  8. Counsels’ representation ensures the client’s interests are protected.
  9. The organization values the Counsels’ dedication and professionalism.
  10. We must ensure the Counsels’ availability for ongoing legal matters.

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