Present Plural, What is the Plural of Present?

Meaning: in a particular place

Singular and Plural of Present

Singular Plural
present Presents

Present as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She gave him a book as a birthday present.
  2. The painting was a wedding present from their friends.
  3. He received a thoughtful present from his sister.
  4. The child eagerly unwrapped his Christmas present.
  5. The necklace was a special anniversary present.
  6. She bought herself a little present to celebrate.
  7. They exchanged presents during the holiday season.
  8. He wrapped the present in colorful paper and a bow.
  9. The surprise party was the best birthday present.
  10. The puppy was a wonderful present for their daughter.

Present as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They opened their presents with excitement and joy.
  2. The children eagerly unwrapped their Christmas presents.
  3. They exchanged small presents during the office party.
  4. The family gathered around the tree to open their presents.
  5. The event organizers prepared presents for the attendees.
  6. The charity distributed presents to underprivileged children.
  7. The company gave employees personalized holiday presents.
  8. The children were thrilled with their birthday presents.
  9. They donated money to buy presents for orphaned kids.
  10. The guests brought presents to the baby shower.

Singular Possessive of Present

The singular possessive form of “Present” is “Present’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Present:

  1. The present’s wrapping paper is torn.
  2. She placed the present’s box on the table.
  3. I appreciate the present’s sentimental value.
  4. The present’s surprise brought a smile to her face.
  5. We need to wrap the present’s carefully to avoid damage.
  6. The child eagerly unwrapped the present’s outer layer.
  7. I enjoyed the present’s thoughtful gesture.
  8. The present’s tag indicated it was from a friend.
  9. The present’s contents were revealed when opened.
  10. The birthday party had a pile of present’s for the celebrant.

Plural Possessive of Present

The plural possessive form of “Present” is “Presents'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Present:

  1. The children gathered around the table of presents’.
  2. We need to wrap all the presents’ tags properly.
  3. The pile of presents’ sizes varied from small to large.
  4. They opened all the presents’ ribbons at once.
  5. The family gathered to exchange their presents’.
  6. The presents’ packaging was beautifully designed.
  7. The guests admired the display of presents’.
  8. The event organizers arranged the presents’ distribution.
  9. The siblings shared the excitement of unwrapping their presents’.
  10. The children eagerly anticipated their presents’ surprises.

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