Committee Plural, What is the Plural of Committee?

Meaning: a group of people appointed for a specific function.



Synonyms of COMMITTEE

  • jury
  • panel
  • task force
  • board
  • bureau
  • cabinet
  • chamber
  • commission

Committee as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The committee made an important decision today.
  2. The committee discussed the proposed changes.
  3. He was appointed as the head of the committee.
  4. The committee met to review the budget.
  5. The committee members gathered for their monthly meeting.
  6. She presented her findings to the committee.
  7. The committee was responsible for organizing the event.
  8. The committee worked tirelessly to complete the project.
  9. The committee appointed a new chairperson.
  10. The recommendations of the committee were implemented.

Committee as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The committees worked together to achieve their goals.
  2. The organization formed multiple committees to address different issues.
  3. The committees submitted their reports to the board.
  4. The members of the various committees met regularly.
  5. The committees were tasked with evaluating the proposals.
  6. She served on several committees
  7. The recommendations of the different committees
  8. The committees collaborated to plan the conference.
  9. The committees consisted of experts in their respective fields.
  10. The decisions of the different committees were coordinated.

Singular Possessive of Committee

The singular possessive form of “Committee” is “Committee’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Committee:

  1. The Committee’s decision was unanimous.
  2. Committee’s recommendation is under review.
  3. I attended the Committee’s meeting yesterday.
  4. The Committee’s report highlighted several issues.
  5. The Committee’s role is to oversee the project.
  6. We need to follow the Committee’s guidelines.
  7. The Committee’s chairperson announced the agenda.
  8. The Committee’s findings were published in a report.
  9. The Committee’s members are experts in their fields.
  10. The Committee’s vote determined the outcome.

Plural Possessive of Committee

The plural possessive form of “Committee” is “Committees'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Committee:

  1. The Committees’ decisions varied on the issue.
  2. Committees’ recommendations were contradictory.
  3. I attended multiple Committees’ meetings this week.
  4. The Committees’ reports provided valuable insights.
  5. The Committees’ roles overlap in certain areas.
  6. We need to align with the Committees’ objectives.
  7. The Committees’ chairpersons coordinated their efforts.
  8. The Committees’ findings were consistent across the board.
  9. The Committees’ members represent different organizations.
  10. The Committees’ votes were combined to reach a consensus.

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