Ply Plural, What is the Plural of Ply?

Meaning: a thickness of a folded material.

Singular and Plural of Ply

Singular Plural
ply plies

Ply as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The boat’s ply made it suitable for rough waters.
  2. The carpenter used a strong and durable ply for the furniture.
  3. The skier enjoyed the smooth ply of the freshly groomed slope.
  4. The hockey stick’s ply provided excellent control and power.
  5. The violin’s strings were made of high-quality ply.
  6. The manufacturer used multiple layers of ply for added strength.
  7. The swimmer’s stroke cut through the water with ease and ply.
  8. The gymnast’s routine showcased her flexibility and ply.
  9. The paper’s thickness and ply determined its durability.
  10. The plywood’s smooth ply allowed for easy painting and finishing.

Ply as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ship’s plies were designed to withstand rough seas.
  2. The cabinet was constructed using multiple plies of wood.
  3. The skater’s jumps were enhanced by the flexible plies of her ice skates.
  4. The flooring material consisted of several plies for stability.
  5. The company used high-quality plies in the manufacturing process.
  6. The artist experimented with different plies of paper for her collage.
  7. The skateboard deck consisted of multiple plies of strong material.
  8. The snowboard’s construction included several plies for optimal performance.
  9. The violin bow was made with horsehair plies.
  10. The archer’s bow had multiple plies of high-tensile material for accuracy.

Singular Possessive of Ply

The singular possessive form of “Ply” is “Ply’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ply:

  1. I borrowed Ply’s pencil for the test.
  2. The project is Ply’s responsibility to complete.
  3. Ply’s car broke down on the highway.
  4. The success of the company depends on Ply’s leadership.
  5. I need to return Ply’s book before leaving.
  6. The decision is up to Ply’s discretion.
  7. We admired Ply’s determination to succeed.
  8. Ply’s opinion carries weight in this matter.
  9. The team celebrated Ply’s victory with enthusiasm.
  10. I can’t find Ply’s phone anywhere.

Plural Possessive of Ply

The plural possessive form of “Ply” is “Plies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ply:

  1. The students listened to Plies’ instructions carefully.
  2. The company expanded its operations with Plies’ support.
  3. The contractors completed the construction using Plies’ equipment.
  4. The team won the championship under Plies’ guidance.
  5. Plies’ efforts resulted in a successful outcome.
  6. The employees appreciated Plies’ dedication to their well-being.
  7. The group respected Plies’ decisions regarding the project.
  8. The investors relied on Plies’ expertise for financial advice.
  9. The committee implemented Plies’ recommendations for improvement.
  10. The partners discussed Plies’ contributions to the business.

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