80 Verbs Starting With Q (Complete List)

80 Verbs Starting With Q! Are you looking for a challenge when it comes to learning new words? Look no further than challenging yourself to learn 80 verbs beginning with the letter ‘Q’. That’s right, there are actually quite a few verbs that start with ‘Q.’ So if you want to test your memory and expand your English vocabulary, this is an opportunity you mustn’t miss! From quack to qualify, we’ll teach you all the action-filled Q verbs out there – their definitions and how they fit into sentences.

This can be used as a useful guide for everyone from English teachers to amateur linguists who just love discovering new verbs. We will assure you that by the end of this blog post not only do you understand what these actions mean but also remember them forever!

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List of Verbs Starting with Q

Verbs Starting with QUA

  • quadrate
  • quackle
  • qualify
  • quantity
  • quarantine
  • quaternion
  • quail
  • quadruple
  • quay
  • quash
  • quab
  • quave
  • quake
  • quat
  • quack
  • quandary
  • quarter
  • quaff
  • quaver
  • quarry
  • quartter
  • quarrel
  • quap
  • quadruplicate

Verbs Starting with QUE

  • queen
  • question
  • queach
  • quench
  • querulous
  • queer
  • queue
  • query
  • quech
  • quell
  • querl
  • quest
  • queme
  • queck
  • querken

Verbs Starting with QUI

  • quid
  • quip
  • quickset
  • quibble
  • quittance
  • quiet
  • quintuple
  • quicken
  • quick
  • quitclaim
  • quinch
  • quilt
  • quiz
  • quich
  • quiddle
  • quill
  • quire
  • quirl
  • quiver
  • quite
  • quintessence
  • quit

Verbs Starting with QUO

  • quote
  • quoif
  • quoth
  • quob
  • quop
  • quod
  • quoit

Different Types of Verbs Starting With Q

Action Verbs Beginning With Q

  • Qualified
  • Quantified
  • Quoted
  • Questioned

Regular Verbs That Start With Q

  • Question

Irregular Verbs That Start With Q

  • Quit
  • Quick-freeze

Phrasal Verbs Starting With Q

  • Quiet down

Verbs That Start With Q and Their Meaning

  • Quack: To make a duck sound
  • Qualify: To meet requirements
  • Quarrel: To argue
  • Query: To question
  • Quest: To search
  • Question: To inquire
  • Queue: To form a line.

Popular Q-Verbs in Example Sentences

Quit: She quit her job to pursue her passion.

Quote: He quoted a famous saying in his speech.

Question: She questioned the validity of the information presented.

Qualify: He qualified for the finals in the competition.

Quiet: She enjoyed the quiet of the library while she studied.

Quench: He quenched his thirst with a cold glass of water.

Quicken: She quickened her pace to catch the bus.

Quarrel: He quarreled with his friend over a small disagreement.

Quiz: She quizzed her students to test their knowledge.

Quitclaim: He quitclaimed his ownership of the property to his business partner.

Verbs With Letter Q and their Three Forms

Base Form Past Form Past Participle
question questioned questioned
quarrel quarrelled quarrelled
qualify qualified qualified
quit quit quit

Positive Verbs That Start With Q

  • Quat
  • Quaff
  • Quote
  • Quiz
  • Queen
  • Quarter
  • Question
  • Quicken
  • Qualify
  • Quest

Verbs that begin with Q – Flashcards

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