25 Verbs Starting with X (Complete List)

25 Verbs Starting with X! Are you a wordsmith looking for new inspiration? Are you learning English and wanting to discover terrific verbs starting with X? Or maybe you just want to enhance your vocabulary with some rare and fascinating words. Whatever the reason, this complete list of 25 Verbs Starting With X is perfect for people who love language and like to explore its endless possibilities.

From xanthate to xeriscape, these unique verbs give insight into the subtle nuances that can add depth and diversity to any written composition or verbal communication. So if you’re up for an entertaining grammar lesson full of uncommon terms, then let’s dive into our comprehensive collection of quirky X-verbs!

verbs starting with x

List of Verbs Starting with X

Verbs Starting with XE

  • xerox
  • xerocopy
  • xeriscape
  • xenograft

Verbs Starting with XF

  • xfer

Verbs Starting with XI

  • x-irradiate

Verbs Starting with XR

  • x-ray
  • x-radiate

Verbs Starting with XY

  • xylograph

Verbs That Start With X and Their Meaning

  • Xylograph: carve in wood
  • X-ing: cross out
  • X-out: delete
  • Xanthate: treat with xanthate
  • X-ray: radiate
  • X-irradiate: expose to radiation
  • Xfer: transfer
  • Xylophone: play the xylophone
  • Xerox: photocopy
  • Xenograft: transplant tissue
  • XOR: perform XOR operation
  • Xerocopy: make a dry copy
  • Xeriscape: landscape with drought-resistant plants
  • Xxencode: encode in ASCII
  • Xylomancy: divination using wood
  • Xenotransplant: transplant from different species

Popular X-Verbs in Example Sentences

  • The kids were X-ing out the words they didn’t like in their coloring books.
  • Please X-out that paragraph and replace it with this new one.
  • The scientist used a special machine to X-irradiate the cells.
  • Can you Xfer me the money via online banking?
  • I need to Xerox these documents before the meeting.

Positive Verbs That Start with X

  • X
  • Xerox

Verbs that begin with X – Flashcards

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