25 Verbs Starting with Z (Complete List)

25 Verbs Starting with Z! Verbs are some of the most diverse and important parts of any sentence. From describing an action to expressing a feeling, verbs can be incredibly useful when used correctly in written language. But with so many verbs out there, it can be tricky to know which one you should use- especially if your verb begins with the letter Z!

verbs starting with z

List of Verbs Starting with Z

Verbs Starting with ZA

  • zany

Verbs Starting with ZE

  • zest
  • zero
  • zeal

Verbs Starting with ZI

  • zip-tie
  • zip
  • zincify
  • zinc
  • zigzag
  • zighyr
  • zigger

Verbs Starting with ZO

  • zoutch
  • zoophyte
  • zone

Phrasal Verbs Starting With Z

  • Zero Out
  • Zonk Out
  • Zoom Off
  • Zip by
  • Zone in
  • Zip Up

Positive Words That Start Z

  • Zero
  • Zing

Verbs That Start With Z and Their Meaning

  • Zest: to add flavor
  • Zero: to reset to nothing
  • Zigzag: to move in a zigzag pattern
  • Zincify: to coat with zinc
  • Zip: to fasten with a zipper
  • Zombify: to make zombie-like
  • Zone: to divide into zones
  • Zoom: to move quickly
  • Zing: to move quickly
  • Zonk: to hit hard
  • Zoogle: to search on Google
  • Zorro: to mark with a Z shape

Popular Z-Verbs in Example Sentences

  • She zoomed in on the map to see the details.
  • The car zigzagged through the traffic to avoid the congestion.
  • She zipped up her jacket to keep warm in the cold weather.
  • I zested the lemon before adding it to the mixture for an extra kick of flavor.
  • When I finished my work, I zeroed out all my numbers.
  • We decided to zincify our roof to protect against weather damage.
  • The new energy drink was said to zombify those who drank it.
  • They zoned off the play area from the rest of the park.
  • The fish zinged away as soon as I put my hand in the water.
  • My brother was so angry he zonked me on the head with a pillow.
  • I quickly zoogled what I needed to know for my research project.

Verbs With Letter Z and their Three Forms

Base Form Past Form Past Participle
zinc zincked zincked
zoom zoomed zoomed

Positive Verbs That Start With Z

  • Zing
  • Zoom
  • Zap
  • Zero
  • Zip
  • Zest

Verbs that begin with Z – Flashcards

verbs that start with Z

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